Top 5 Benefits of NCR from the Lives of More than 60,000 patients

Positive Results from NCR®

In the past 30 years NeuroCranialRestructuring (NCR) has been successfully used to treat hundreds and thousands of people who were labeled difficult patients to treat with physical medicine. NeuroCranial Restructuring optimizes brain and body functions. Over 200 doctors nationwide who have been certified in NCR® report that they consistently have results with conditions as diverse as headaches, back pain, scoliosis, depression, learning disabilities, sleep apnea and sinusitis. The link between these conditions is that they are all caused by mechanical problems in the body.

Unlike mainstream medicine which only treats symptoms, NCR corrects the root cause of the physical condition paving the path for permanent healing and renewed health.The long term benefits of NCR are innumerable compared to any other treatment in physical medicine. NCR works by moving the sphenoid bone, the foundation for all the other bones in the head. When the sphenoid is off, so is everything else. When the sphenoid is properly balanced, everything else can be optimized too. With NCR, the cranial bones relax, returning to their originally design and shape, allowing the brain to fully expand. With the head properly shaped and positioned, the spine naturally returns to its optimal shape and function. Muscular tension disappears because it is no longer required for stability. Flexibility and ease of movement return. Increased energy and a profound sense of well being arise.

Patients routinely experience the following positive changes :
•    Stand better, with less stooping, less sway back, fewer hunchbacks, less military spine, and less shoulder and pelvic tilting or rotation.
•    Look younger, because their wrinkles disappear when the improved skeletal positioning pulls the skin taut.
•    Are more athletic, because the proper positioning of the joints makes the muscles more efficient. This means they run faster, jump higher, and fatigue slower than before.
•    See better than before because the symmetrical positioning of the eyes allows for more rapid visual accommodation, making depth perception quicker and easier.
•    Are calmer, more pleasant, more creative, and think better because the hydraulic functioning of the brain improves when the skull fits the brain ideally.

The nature of NCR treatment, with its essentially permanent results, allows a person to stop treatment at almost any time (after the completion of each treatment sequence) with respect to the specific condition they are looking to treat. No other treatment modality exists in mainstream medicine which can access and invoke the natural healing structural patterns of the body’s muscular & nervous system, hence the results and popularity of NCR.

Dr. Dean Howell