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All you need to do is first sign up for the NeuroCranial Restructuring affiliate system! Just complete the signup form.

After filling out the forms and you will be emailed your affiliate link. Save this link! It will be difficult to get it replaced if you lose it! Also, you must pay your annual NeuroCranial Restructuring-01 membership dues before receiving treatment or receiving your Referral Rewards.

Now that you are an affiliate, send out an email containing your favorite newsletter, NeuroCranial Restructuring article, NeuroCranial Restructuring video, or something that you have written or YouTubed about NeuroCranial Restructuring, and include your affiliate link. When they go to site using your link, the on-line software keeps track of their computer and links it to your affiliate account.

Your referrals don’t even have to register on-line. If they make an on-line purchase of NeuroCranial Restructuring Treatment or NeuroCranial Restructuring Training or they call the office and tell DeeDee that they heard about NeuroCranial Restructuring from you, then you will be Rewarded with a $100 payment or $125 treatment credit thirty days after they receive treatment or training. This translates into $50 to $66.67 in cash or $66.67 to $83.33 treatment credit if the referral is an infant, adolescent, or disabled. You can use your treatment credit yourself or give it away to anybody you wish (even your referred friend).

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