There were many stories in Cuban folklore of people with cancer being cured inadvertently after being stung by Caribbean blue scorpions. Eventually, a scientist began making a medicine called Escozul that contained very diluted scorpion venom. It was too expensive to make the medicine more concentrated. Even this week and poorly-made medicine still got some people better. Dr. Howell’s friend, Arthur Mikaelian PhD, a Russian-trained biochemist and doctor, found out that the rumors about the scorpions were true and began working with the scorpion venom. He developed methods of milking the scorpions, raising the scorpions in the village jungle, and finally standardizing methods of preserving the medical potency of the scorpion venom. Then he developed a patented, polarization-style machine that effectively concentrated the medication to become 10 times stronger than the untreated scorpion venom. This medicine, Escozine, unlike the Cuban Escozul which was occasionally effective, actually works most of the time! Because it is a natural substance, it has legally been sold in the United States for nearly 10 years. You haven’t heard about this wonderful cancer helper because our marketing hasn’t reached you!

WHAT DOES ESCOZINE DO? One study of thousands of cancer patients showed 4 things: 1) over 90% of the test subjects had improved quality of life; 2) over 60% of the test subjects decreased the amount of pain medications required; 3) most of the test subjects had increased appetite; 4) when using chemotherapy, the cancer cells (which normally develop resistance to chemotherapy drugs upon the first exposure to any chemotherapy agent) no longer developed chemotherapy resistance. Even better – some of the people who take Escozine go into full remission.
Dr. Howell says, “I have personally seen Escozine work for a number of my patients. My wife, Trisha, was able to stop using morphine and resumed eating out with me while she used Escozine.”
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