How FaceMax® Is Fast Changing The Way Facial Disorders are Treated

How FaceMax Is Fast Changing The Way Facial Disorders are Treated

Humankind has for long experimented with the Beauty Code; the journey of finding the perfect facial beauty whether it is through cosmetic enhancements or re-defining aspects that could smoothen the right look that comes from an aligned facial structure and proportionate symmetrical features. Though mainstream medicine advocates going under the surgeons scalpel, the aftereffects of surgery is in itself a topic of concern apart from the long term costly maintenance needs on the same. Facial beauty, bone correction and face modulation in itself are well researched subjects which can now be perfected, thanks to a revolutionary treatment called FaceMax.

Designed and developed by Dr. Dean Howell (Creator of NeuroCranialRestructuring) as a treatment modality for Facial bone and muscle disorders, it has proved to be a great holistic approach to facial augmentation through natural methods. Dr. Dean Howell’s Facemax involves a reverse-pull maxillary movement device which is specifically designed to maximize facial bone positions. It has been found that a combination of FaceMax with NCR® in small dosages e.g. 5 to 10 minutes daily can radically maximize facial bone proportions.

A series of professionally administered FaceMax treatments along with NCR can help you if you are suffering from conditions like:

Facial collapse that have resulted from dental extractions or where the face has “caved in” caused by removing too many teeth

 It is not much of a known fact that once all your teeth is extracted, the jawbone senses that it isn’t needed any more, and your body begins to dissolve away that bone in order to use the minerals elsewhere in your body. This jaw shrinkage is called Facial Collapse which is caused in a lifetime of 10 to 20 years sometimes much earlier. The most obvious effect of missing teeth is aesthetic which may in time take up more major form of disorders like inability to chew or speak properly. The way you look puts a lot of effect on the way you feel as well as the psychological and social consequences of tooth loss which could be very intense. Dr. Howell’s FaceMax has been able to treat and reverse the facial bone collapse due to teeth extractions in a number of patient cases with NCR as a effective supplement therapy.

 Facial trauma that has been caused by accidents, trauma or severe shocks to the head

 Facial Trauma can be caused by many factors which include falls,assaults,sports injuries and motor vehicle accidents.Most common are workplace injuries which are common in specific domains like the Construction, Transportation & Warehousing,Mining,Agriculture,Quarrying, and Material moving industries. Facial trauma can involve soft tissue injuries such as burns, lacerations and bruises as well as fractures of the facial bones such as nasal fractures and fractures of the jaw which in the long term can cause facial bone collapse and accompanied facial deformities.FaceMax as an alternative treatment methodology removes the high risk factor involved in surgeries by augmenting the natural healing processes of the body through intricate manipulations of specific facial bone points.

 Disproportionate skull structure from birth which have caused facial bone misalignment

 In the past years, there have been a rising number of reports about head shape deformities in young babies and infants. Lack of symmetry in the shape or height of the baby’s skull or any disproportionate relationship of the width to the length of the skull are signs of growth abnormality This is not just a cosmetic problem but in the adult years can give rise to more serious developmental disorders. Some of the congenital causes for babies developing abnormal skull structures may include torticollis, breech positioning, multiple fetuses, an inadequate amount of amniotic fluid and a difficult or prolonged delivery of the baby.FaceMax with its specially designed manipulation apparatus can help treat these disorders at a early stage thus helping modulate the cranial bone growth perfectly.

Dr. Dean Howell