NeuroCranial Restructuring Testimonials and Case Studies

Thank you so much for creating such a great website.

I just got my first series of NeuroCranial Restructuring treatmnet from Dr. Jim McCarty in Colorado, whom I found in the website.

I had a big time TMJ for over 44 years due to the severe injury I received on the cranial and TMJ as achild.

I did not know I had it until last year when my teeth started to hurt and the dentist could not find anything, and actually they made all the
symptoms worse with splint.

As I got treated, not only all the pain in my body disappeared, but the pain in my eyes and breasts disappeared.  I got my breasts checked even with X-rays and also my eyes got checked.  Nothing was wrong.  I was not expecting this to happen but the pain is all gone!!!!  I could not breathe well before, but I breathe deeper now without even trying.

I really wish all the doctors knew about the miracle of NeuroCranial Restructuring and that they could spread this to the world.  This can be a great gift to the world.

My case is severe so the doctor told me that I needed a 12-month treatment plan. But already unrelated problems are gone so much. It is a miracle!

I wanted to drop a line to communicate with you what a miracle this work is and wanted to say thank you for creating the website so that more people can know better about NeuroCranial Restructuring.

I really hope that some day all doctors use NeuroCranial Restructuring as the first treatment plan. This can save money and lives. I pray GOD that he lend his hands for human beings well-beings!