Naturopathy Treatment

Generalized Treatment of a Disease With Naturopathic Medical Therapy

In the naturopathic realm, a disease is considered to be a collection of symptoms that reflect deeper, more fundamental imbalances in the body-mind-spirit. So, those of us who believe in “nature cure” do not look for possible causative agents of the disease and its symptoms, but, instead, we look for the general body problems that lead to the collection of symptoms known as the disease.

At a simple level, we can say that a cold is “caused” by a virus. But not everybody exposed to the virus “catches” a cold. This is because the virus can only infect a body that is somehow weak enough to allow the virus to thrive. To me, the quest for the flu shot of the season, or the right combination of medications to control a cold is a silly endeavor. It makes so much more sense to treat the cause of the condition instead of the symptoms! If we treat the cause, it will be much harder to ever be infected again. So, as a naturopathic physician, I view the cold-infection as a reflection of the body’s weaknesses, and treat the patient accordingly.

These are problems that generalize into treatments in three areas:

  • Structural
  • Biochemical
  • Toxins

Sometimes a disease will improve only with NeuroCranial Restructuring, because the fundamental body problem is the nervous system malfunction created by pressure on the nervous system from the asymmetrical musculoskeletal system. At times, even NeuroCranial Restructuring will not be sufficient to deal with these structural issues, and dental treatment of the bite mechanics and/or structure will need to be combined with the NeuroCranial Restructuring.

At other times, more improvement will be noticed with lifestyle modification and detoxification protocols because the fundamental problems are allergies, heavy metal exposure, parasites, yeast, or chronic infections.

If I had a disease, I would do all three: structural improvement, lifestyle improvement, systemic body detoxification.

To evaluate the structure, the biochemistry, and toxic load on the body, studies that need to be performed includes these:

  • An assessment of the structural asymmetry of the skull and skeleton. If significant, then NeuroCranial Restructuring will play a major role. With many conditions, it is the most important, but still insufficient to treat most diseases without some help through detoxification or lifestyle management.

The following tests will determine the importance of detoxification and biochemical regimes:

  • Laboratory testing to determine heavy metal load
    • Hair analysis is an inexpensive qualitative measurement to indicate the need for more accurate, expensive tests. It demonstrates what metals have been circulating in the bloodstream during the last six weeks. It does not reflect the amount of metals stored in the tissues. If a metal shows high here, then it is definitely found in high levels in the body. If it does not show here, it is still possible that it is still stored in the tissues and was not circulating in the blood during the six weeks of hair growth. The treating physician must determine which tests to run!
    • Provocative testing for heavy metal tissue reserves with a 24-hour urine test is more accurate to determine the quantities of specific heavy metals stored in the tissues. The correct testing technique must be used for the specific metals suspected by the testing physician!
      • Oral penicillinase
      • Oral DMSA
      • Injected or transdermal DMPS
      • Injected, transdermal, or oral EDTA
  • Laboratory testing to determine hormone status
    • Thyroid (combined with oral temperature charting)
    • Adrenal hormones
    • DHEA
    • Growth Hormone
    • Sex hormones
  • Laboratory to determine standard blood test values
    • Liver
    • Kidney
    • Heart
    • Blood
  • Laboratory testing to determine digestive tract function
    • Parasites
    • Yeast and fungi
    • Enzymatic function
    • Immune performance
  • Laboratory testing to determine nutritional status
    • Vitamin panels
    • Mineral panels
  • If indicated, testing of the blood or fat for solvents, petrochemicals and other oil-soluble toxins.
  • If indicated, testing of the blood for food intolerances (similar to food allergies, but more generalized).
  • Dental evaluation for possible
    • Infections
      • Old extraction sites
      • Old root canals
    • Removal of heavy metals in the dental work
      • Electrical imbalances triggered by metal
      • Toxic load of the metals leaking into the body
    • Bruxism (grinding of teeth)
    • Improvements in bite mechanics.

With all of this information, the general malfunctions of the body can be determined, and these causes of the malfunctions can be dealt with through nutriceuticals, chelation, organic foods, and physical medicine detoxification treatments (saunas, colonics, salt water footbaths like Bionic Hydrotherapy, constitutional hydrotherapy, etc.).

With all of this, the symptoms of your disease will go away.