About Dr. Dean Howell

Dr. Dean Howell, ND, the Creator Of NeuroCranial Restructuring

Dr. Dean Howell Creator of NeuroCranial Restructuring
Dr. Dean Howell ND

Dr. Dean Howell received his degree as a naturopathic physician from Bastyr University in 1982, after earning a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Dr. Howell brought a mathematical perspective to medicine that created the quest for simplicity and empirical certainty in healing. Having taken very seriously the Hippocratic oath (not taken to modern medical doctors, osteopathic physicians, or chiropractors)—which included the injunction to treat the cause rather than the symptoms of the disease or condition—Dr. Howell has striven to discover more and more precise methodologies that lead to permanent and cumulative beneficial results. NeuroCranial Restructuring, which Dr. Howell has been developing for over 30 years, is a powerful and dynamic new approach to physical medicine with broad application. Its effectiveness continues to increase as he incorporates more cutting edge strategies into its operation.

Dr. Howell, the developer of NeuroCranial Restructuring, is a licensed naturopathic physician. He divides his time between SanDiego, California and Tonasket, Washington. He has four children. His daughter, Selena Eon, ND, the mother of a son and a daughter, treats patients with NeuroCranial Restructuring and family medicine in the NeuroCranial Restructuring-01 offices in Bellevue, Washington. She also co-teaches with Dr. Howell in the professional NeuroCranial Restructuring courses and is one of the authors of the Online NeuroCranial Reconstruction Course. Nathan Howell is a gifted software architect and works in San Jose, California. Derek Howell, the father of one daughter, treats patients with NeuroCranial Restructuring in SanDiego CA, Los Angeles CA and Boulder, CO. Dr Howell’s assistant and son Brandon is also an inspiring acting and model in Hollywood CA. When Dr. Howell is not teaching or performing NeuroCranial Reconstruction and developing it further, Dr. Howell bowls, plays golf, hikes, bicycles, watches movies, cooks, travels extensively and reads avidly.


  • Graduated Everett High School, Everett, WA 1971
  • Attended Immaculate Heart College, Hollywood, CA 1971-1975
  • Attended Everett Community College, Everett, WA 1976-1977
  • Attended University of Washington, Seattle, WA 1977-1978
  • Graduated, B. A. (Mathematics, 1978)
  • Attended Bastyr University, Seattle, WA 1978-1982
  • Graduated, N.D. (Naturopathic physician, 1982)
  •  Licensed as an N.D., State of Washington, November 1982

Private Post-Graduate Studies

  • James D’Adamo, N.D., D.C., Naturopathic nutritional therapies and iridology
  • Harold Dick, N.D., D.C. Hydrotherapy
  • Galen Hieronymus, Ph.D., Radionics and eloptic field analysis
  • J. Richard Stober, D.C., N.D. Bilateral nasal specific technique of cranial manipulation
  • William Nelson, Ph.D., Advanced training in QXCI technology
  • Dawn Matthews Reiki healing techniques. (Certification as Reiki Master, 2002)
  • Gary Sinclair, Ph.D., D.D. Cyberphysiology.

Professional Experience

  • Family practice naturopathic medicine at Everett Naturopathic Clinic- Everett, WA 1982-1989
  • Part-time faculty at Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Ear, Nose, and Throat Therapeutics 1984-1986
  • The Basics of Bilateral Nasal Specific Technique 1985-1986
  • Co-Chair, Northwest Naturopathic Convention May 1987
  • Lecturer: American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Convention
  • Master Class: “Bilateral Nasal Specific Technique” Rippling River, OR October 1989
  • Physical Medicine therapist at Everett Naturopathic Clinic- Everett, WA 1989-1993
  • Lecturer: the Summit Conference on Chronic Fatigue
  • “The Nasal Specific Technique and Chronic Fatigue” Hot Springs, VA May 1991
  • Lecturer: The Spring Professional Conference
  • “Nasal Specific Technique: an Introduction” Olivehain, CA March 1992
  • Lecturer: American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Convention
  • “Use of Traction during Cervical Manipulation Techniques” Tempe, AZ Sept. 1992
  • Served as a Naturopath at Comprehensive Medical Center- Encinatas, CA 1993-1995
  • Co-Host for radio program “Health Talk”- Southern CA 1993-1994
  • Interview with Sam Biser “The Last Chance Health Newsletter”
  • Topic: “Endocranial Manipulation” April 1994
  • Private therapy sessions with patients around the US and Australia in Endocranial Manipulation 1994-1995.
  • Conducted private tutoring for doctors-NeuroCranial Restructuring 1995-1996
  • Private therapy sessions with patients around the US 1995-1996
  • Interviews with Sam Biser “The Last Chance Health Newsletter”
  • Topic: “NeuroCranial Restructuring” January 1996
  • Topic: “NeuroCranial Restructuring” November 1996
  • Taught courses in NeuroCranial Restructuring- Everett, WA 1996-1999
  • Private practice in Everett, WA specializing in NeuroCranial Reconstruction 1995-1999
  • Founded the Naturopathic Dispensary 1997
  • Lecturer at Bastyr University- Seattle, WA “NeuroCranial Restructuring” March 1998
  • Host for radio show “The NeuroCranial Restructuring Power Hour” for KLAY- Tacoma, WA 1998
  • Private practice in Bellevue, Chelan and Wenatchee, WA specializing in NeuroCranial Restructuring 2002-2003.
  • Taught courses in NeuroCranial Restructuring- Bellevue, WA in 1999
  • Profession training, continuing education in San Antonio, Texas, June 6-9, 2002.
  • Professional training in Tonasket, WA 2000-2003.
  • Professional training, continuing education in Las Vegas Nevada, June 2003
  • Professional training in Bellevue, WA 2004.
  • Professional training, continuing education in Scottsdale, Arizona, June 2004 & 2005
  • Board member, NeuroCranial Restructuring Research Institute
  • Dr. Howell continues his professional practice at his clinic in Bellevue, Washington. 2003-2005.