Cerebral Palsy Can Be Helped By NeuroCranial Restructuring

Cerebral Palsy Can Be Helped By NeuroCranial Restructuring

Cranial therapy has been used for many years to treat person with cerebral palsy. This is a condition with which my mentor, Dr. J. R. Stober, had dependable results using the old BNS therapy. NeuroCranial Restructuring works even better.

People whom I have seen with this condition generally fall into two classes: those with excessive muscle tone (they used to be called spastics) and those with too little muscle tone (we used to call this flaccid paralysis).

Both of these conditions are related to the level of functioning of the cerebellum, a part of the brain that controls muscle tone and the ability to stop movement once it has begun. One group has a hyper-functioning cerebellum and the other a hypo-functioning one.

With NeuroCranial Restructuring, once movement of the back of the head has been accomplished, the function of the cerebellum can be optimized.

I know of no other therapy than NeuroCranial Restructuring that can change the general condition of people with cerebral palsy.