Concussions Can Be Helped By NeuroCranial Restructuring

Concussions Can Be Helped By NeuroCranial Restructuring

A concussion is a brain injury that results in a temporary loss of consciousness. This does not imply that there is significant, long-term damage to the brain.

Concussion and other head injuries are the product of trauma. The normal medical procedure is to use X-rays or CAT scans to diagnose skull fractures and then watch to see if there is any indication of cerebral hemorrhage.

Beyond that, there is no medical treatment. However, even with no measurable brain damage, there are long-term problems caused by concussions, and people should receive treatment for them.

The head trauma involves some sort of blow or fall on the head, and the cranial bones must be moved by it. This upsets the normal structural pattern that exists between the interlocking bones of the head, and it is unlikely or impossible for the head to resume its original position without treatment.

This is a wonderful time to use NeuroCranial Restructuring. I have treated many people after concussions, sometimes years later. The improvement that they experience is remarkable and routine. An NeuroCranial Restructuring doctor should be on call in every hospital emergency room to treat all head injuries that do not have fractures or cerebral hemorrhage.