Head Aches Can Be Helped By NeuroCranial Restructuring

Head Aches Can Be Helped By NeuroCranial Restructuring

Headaches, head pressure and migraines?
Headache, head pressure and migraines are treated very successfully with NeuroCranial Restructuring. Be sure to read the patient testimonials from the NeuroCranial Restructuring Information Book or at the NeuroCranial Restructuring website http://www.ndnd.com. Headaches, head pressure and migraines have many causes such as head trauma, sinus infections, allergic sinusitis, constipation, TMJ, fever, colds, influenza, stress, eyestrain, glaucoma, hangovers and poisoning.

Of course, if you have a fever or poisoning, the biochemical and detoxification approaches used in naturopathic medicine are the obvious choices in treatment. Sometimes a simple liver flush, an enema and/or colonic irrigation or a short juice fast are good treatment for headaches, head pressure or migraines. But much of the time, these things are not enough.

The head encases the brain and meninges. The head is held up by the spine, and its first bone (C-1) is known as the atlas, which surrounds the spinal cord (the continuation of the brain) and meninges. The stabilization pattern necessary to hold the head steady is created by the positions of the skull bones and the muscle tension patterns, which determine where the atlas is found. Many people find relief from their headaches through treatments that move the atlas into a central position beneath the skull. They become regular patrons of doctors who move the atlas or therapists who relax the muscles. These treatments are often temporary because the body may need the atlas not to be centered to uphold the skull in the most stable way. The body will always choose to maintain the most stable structure even if it creates pains in the head. The priority is not to be pain-free but to be stable. So the painful position of the atlas may be the best position for the atlas, in terms of overall bodily function.

Most people with head pressure have not found any relief from treatment. The head pressure is from meningeal tension, and the manipulation of the atlas is usually not effective in relieving meningeal tension. Osteopathic cranial therapy or craniosacral treatment can sometimes give temporary relief.

Every person I have seen with headache, head pressure and migraine has a tilted occiput. (But there are people with a tilted occiput who do not complain of pain.) The tilted occiput causes instability in head balance which is best stabilized by moving the atlas out of a centralized position. The tilted occiput is the cause of the head pain. In theory, effective pain relief should be found by correcting the painful stabilization pattern of the skull/spine. And it is with NeuroCranial Restructuring.

NeuroCranial Restructuring is a wonderful therapy for head pain. It is the best treatment for headaches, head pressure and migraines that I have found.