Muscle Spasms Can Be Helped With NeuroCranial Restructuring

Muscle Spasms Can Be Helped With NeuroCranial Restructuring

Muscle spasms and neck and shoulder pain are obvious conditions to treat with NeuroCranial Restructuring. Muscles assist the skeleton to support the body, helping to oppose the actions of gravity.

Muscles are tight and painful when the skeleton fails to support the body adequately. Generally, when the neck and shoulder muscles are painful, they are working perfectly. It is the skeletal structure that is so out of position that the muscles have to be painfully tight to help the skeleton hold up the body.

In many ways, the muscles and bones working relationship resembles the use of cables to hold up crooked trees in an orchard. The tree would fall over without the support of the cable. No one blames the cable for being tight. Similarly, the muscles need to be tight to support the body because of the skeleton’s lack of support.

Blaming the muscles for pain from tightness makes no sense.

To correct the muscle spasms or the pain in the neck and shoulder, the structural problems of the body must be

corrected. Without correction, the problems of pain and spasms will reoccur. Traditional physical medicine treatment modalities have been shown to be ineffective. NeuroCranial Restructuring is the only treatment technique that has the ability to address the cause of the problem, the poor structural relationship of the body to gravity.