Tinnitus Can Be Helped By NeuroCranial Restructuring

Tinnitus Can Be Helped By NeuroCranial Restructuring

Tinnitus is a harrowing condition to experience when it is severe. Medical treatment is in its infancy, with competitive noise hearing aids, experimental surgery widening the canal through the bones surrounding the auditory nerve and the administration of sleeping pills and tranquilizers. Changing the relative position of the auditory nerve to its surrounding bones sometimes successfully treats tinnitus. There are three ways this can be accomplished:

1) The nutritional approach is to use allergy avoidance, reduced inflammation diet techniques, nutritional supplements and detoxification protocols to reduce swelling of the auditory nerve, reducing the interference with nerve function and the tinnitus.

2) Tinnitus suffering can be alleviated with treatment of TMD. How can this be related? It is related because the cause of TMD and some tinnitus is the same–a great difference in the positions of the temporal bones. This leads to pressure against the auditory nerve, causing tinnitus, or can cause poor position of the mandible that leads to friction in the Temporomandibular joints (TMD). However, the dental treatment of this situation is indirect because the dentist has access to the teeth and they are mounted in the maxilla, and the contact between the maxilla and temporal bones is the sphenoid bone. NeuroCranial Restructuring treats sphenoid bone position problems more effectively than any other technique.

3) The bones of the skull impinging the auditory nerve can create tinnitus. This is where experimental surgery can be used. Once again, however, this is a wonderful situation for NeuroCranial Restructuring, with less risk and expense than surgery.

I have success with half of the tinnitus cases I treat. Sometimes the ringing in the ears will fluctuate each day. This is not a condition whose ultimate therapy combination has yet been found.