NeuroCranial Restructuring Testimonials

NeuroCranial Restructuring Testimonials and Case Studies

Dr. Dean Howell created NeuroCranial Restructuring to help himself and his patients overcome the intense pain and physical suffering from injuries. These often occur during vehicle wrecks, industrial accidents and sporting activities. Patients with conditions considered incurable began to respond to NeuroCranial Restructuring therapy sessions. Even babies and children experienced remarkable recoveries from childhood diseases. These health problems would have destroyed their enjoyment of life and hindered their future development. The following are some testimonials and case studies related to NeuroCranial Restructuring.

Harvey Myer’s Personal Testimonial

Mayu Takaishi Personal Testimonial

Patrice Bank’s Personal Testimonial

Marisa Clayton’s Personal Testimonial

Laurel Morehouse’s Personal Testimonial

Karen Jensen’s Personal Testimonial

June Rhoton’s Personal Testimonial

Iris Moore’s Personal Testimonial

Hilary Lampers Personal Testimonial

Ginny Stafford’s Personal Testimonial

Dr. Ross Hauser’s Personal Testimonial

Cindy Lovejoy’s Personal Testimonial

Amber Dusk’s Personal Testimonial

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