NeuroCranial Restructuring Benefits

NeuroCranial Restructuring Benefits

NeuroCranial Restructuring® WILL PAY YOU WELL
It is typical for NeuroCranial Restructuring therapists to be paid $500 to $800 for four 24 to 30-minute sessions per patient in an NeuroCranial Restructuring treatment series. It is physically demanding work, but NeuroCranial Restructuring therapists commonly see 15 to 20 patients daily. This means that one four-day series can gross $16,000! With carefully controlled overhead, you can support yourself with one or two NeuroCranial Restructuring series in a month. This leaves you with the money your need and twenty-two days off per month!

NeuroCranial Restructuring® WILL FIT INTO YOUR LIFE
By offering NeuroCranial Restructuring to your patients as a part-time specialty practice, you can seamlessly increase your monthly gross income while treating the causes of your patients’ chronic complaints. Besides its amazing efficacy, NeuroCranial Restructuring has the advantage of delivering permanent results. Your patients will improve predictably and should receive, at most, one four-day series of treatment monthly. More treatment than that rarely improves the quality of the results. In fact, NeuroCranial Restructuring patients are sometimes worse with over-treatment!

NeuroCranial Restructuring® WILL MAKE YOU FREE
In the NeuroCranial Restructuring treatment scenario, you are not “umbilically-connected” to your needy patients, requiring you to be at their beck and call at all hours. Instead, after treatment, your patients’ musculoskeletal systems will be unwinding on their own accord, without needing intervention from you. Not only is this more pleasant for you, but this is also better for the patient. You will design individualized treatment protocols that enable patients’ traumas to unwind from their structures without the necessity of frequent treatment, and their bodies will incrementally move toward their original designs.

This allows you to offer NeuroCranial Restructuring for one four-day series each month without denying your current practice patients any other care they may need. You do not have to leap into a new market—you can walk into the NeuroCranial Restructuring market at any speed you wish. As you know, NeuroCranial Restructuring is very different from any other physical medicine therapy. And the addition of NeuroCranial Restructuring is simple for any practice—just get training and begin offering NeuroCranial Restructuring a few hours a day for four consecutive days each month.

If you wish, you can structure your life and practice to only work two series a month, and have the rest of the month for your life!

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