NeuroCranial Restructuring Class Costs and Inclusions

NeuroCranial Restructuring Class Costs and Inclusions


  1. Eight days of instruction in NeuroCranial Restructuring with a total of five to twelve therapists-in-training featuring up to sixty hours with Dr. Dean Howell.
  2. At least four NeuroCranial Restructuring treatments from Dean Howell, ND.
  3. A basic tool kit of NeuroCranial Restructuring equipment, sufficient to begin NeuroCranial Restructuring practice.
  4. Instruction in the concepts of NeuroCranial Restructuring. This is a major paradigm shift for most people!
  5. Instruction in NeuroCranial Restructuring equipment setup.
  6. Instruction in the physical analysis and proprioceptive testing of NeuroCranial Restructuring patients.
  7. Instruction in the techniques of NeuroCranial Restructuring massage, cranial manipulation, and balloon treatment.
  8. Answers to all therapist questions as well as to patient frequently asked questions.
  9. Observation of 4 to 11 patients receiving a total of 16-44 NeuroCranial Restructuring treatments from Dr. Howell and observation of 48 to 132 patient treatments performed by the therapists.
  10. Supervised (by Dean Howell, ND) NeuroCranial Restructuring treatment by each therapist of 3 patients (over a four-day period).
  11. A flash-drive of the before and after photos of the therapists, the patients, and the other participants as well as a course syllabus of the material covered during the class.
  12. Instruction is how to set up, market, advertise, and perform public relations for a part-time or full-time NeuroCranial Restructuring specialty practice.

Training includes the instruction and equipment already described for $7,000 each. This is the San Diego,California price. (A supplement will be added to foreign courses to cover Dr. Howell’s travel time, as well as travel, food, venue, and lodging expenses.) No meals or accommodations are included for courses held in San Diego CA or abroad.

NeuroCranial Restructuring TRAINING CLASS LOGISTICS
With San Diego classes, students should arrive one day prior to the training and leave at the end of the course late on the last day, depending on your travel situation.

Your initial application must include enough information to insure that you have sufficient education (especially anatomy and physiology) and experience to become an NeuroCranial Restructuring therapist. Currently, we require that you be licensed as a medical doctor, osteopathic doctor, chiropractor, naturopathic physician, registered physical therapist, acupuncturist, or massage therapist with additional training in a Structural Integration modality such as Rolfing or SOMA to be fully certified. Others may take training if they agree to a more limited practice scope that eliminates Dr. Howell’s liability. Contact DeeDee at or by phone in the US at 888-252-0411 with any questions about your eligibility.

SIGN UP FOR A GUARANTEED NeuroCranial Restructuring COURSE
A down payment of $1,000 is required to sign up for the class. You can sign up on-line or with an email ( or phone call to DeeDee at 888-252-0411. If, for any reason, you are not accepted into the course, your money will be refunded by a mailed check. The course guarantees satisfaction: anyone not satisfied can leave the course with a full refund at the end of the first day of instruction. Full payment is required of everyone remaining after the first day.

OUR NeuroCranial Restructuring FINANCING OPTION
Besides the cash, check, or credit card options for full payment, there is also the possibility of financing up to all of the remaining balance when a one-, two- or three-year payment plan is chosen. Your money due is increased by 10% for the one-year plan, 21% for the two-year plan, and 32% for the three-year plan. Then twelve, twenty-four, or thirty-six equal payments are computed from this total. These payments are then charged to your credit card automatically, beginning thirty days after the course starts. If you wish, you can pay off your balance at any time, but no discount of your remaining balance will be given.

To sign up or more information, call (888) 252-0411 or email us at