Sam Biser Commentary on NeuroCranial Restructuring

Sam Biser Commentary on NeuroCranial Restructuring

I urge all doctors who read this newsletter to study under him and use his work. If you do, I can send you thousands of desperate patients who need this therapy above any others.

Dear Doctors,
The physical therapies you’re using are like a pop-gun compared to the atom bomb power of Dean Howell’s cranial therapy.

Dr. Howell’s therapy doesn’t just loosen the cranial joints. It makes big, obvious changes in the shapes of people’s faces and heads. These changes occur in days not years. Dr. Howell has thousands of before and after patient photographs to prove it.

I have been there in his office and seen these changes myself. I just talked to a woman named Jenny who had an 80 degree scoliosis. Her spine was so twisted that her rib cage touched her pelvis. Doctors wanted to do a $50,000 operation to stick a rod up her spine, because they were worried that the twists in her spine could jeopardize her heart and lungs, which were being compressed by her corkscrew-like rib cage.

Jenny has had two series of Dr. Howell’s cranial therapy, four days each. There is now four inches of space between her rib cage and hips. She used to have to pull herself up stairs one arm at a time. Now she walks up and down stairs with a cup of coffee in one hand and papers in the other. I also talked to a woman from Fairfax, Virginia who told me that her scoliosis was almost gone in one single day of treatment.

When Dr. Howell changes the shape of the skull, the spine immediately changes its curves. So, why waste time treating and re-treating spinal “subluxations” when the spine is merely trying to balance the body under a distorted and mis-weighted skull?

Fix the skull first!!

I don’t care what form of chiropractic treatments you use or what school of ‘touchy-feely’ cranial work you know. It’s all outdated technology compared to Dr. Howell’s work. If you take your doctor’s oath to help humanity seriously, you need to learn Dr. Howell’s therapy. It’s not something you can incorporate into what you have already learned. You will have to forget the theories you were taught and start over or be left behind, like the people who sold whale-oil lamps for a living.

Doctors will say, “If Howell’s work is so great, everyone would know about it, and we’d all be doing it, but we’re not, so he must be lying.” Sorry guys, he’s not. He is onto something gigantic that all others have missed and that my readers have to have. The problem is that doctors are basing their opinions of Howell’s work on their experience with other cranial therapists. The problem is that these other treatments are pathetically weak compared to what Howell is doing.

For the past 15 months, I have talked to the patients, and I have been one myself. And this is after years of chiropractic and cranial therapy. No one else I ever went to produced even one percent of the changes I saw in myself from Dr. Howell’s work. This is what all the other patients are telling me. Maybe you have read the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston Price, DDS. If you haven’t, get it now. It’s an immortal classic. Dr. Price traveled all over the world and studied various primitive peoples. All had wide skulls and huge dental arches until they began to eat modern diets. Then, in one generation, their children showed the narrow faces, misshapen heads, and smaller, crowded dental arches that are universal today.

Dr. Price did experiments with mongoloid children, and he cut the arch at the roof of the mouth down the center. Then he placed expansion screws and opened up the bones at the base of the skull. When he did, the intelligence of these retarded children became almost normal. When he removed the expansion screws, the retardation returned. Dr. Price concluded, after traveling to all continents, and seeing all races, that degenerated structure (poor skull and dental development) is the main impediment to human intelligence.

If you are a chiropractor, osteopath, or medical doctor, and would like to qualify for professional training (a seven-day course) in Dr. Howell’s cranial therapy, you should contact Dr. Howell. Doctors trained in this, and whose work is up to Do Howell’s standards, are the only ones I will recommend to my readers.

Dr. Howell is looking for dentists who specialize in dental orthopedics and adult orthodontics. Many of his patients need their dental arches expanded, and, if teeth were removed earlier in life, the horizontal space has to be reopened to correct the arch and support a wider skull.

If you do outstanding work, and are willing to work with Dr. Howell jointly on cases, he has many patients to refer. Contact Dr. Howell at his office fax listed above. According to Dr. Howell, adult orthodontics goes about five times faster when he does his cranial work. The dental arches expand that much quicker when the bones of the skull are changing shape at high speed.

To the doctors who read this, I tell you: Structural therapy can make bigger changes in human diseases and in troubled lives than you’ve ever seen in your offices. But if you want these changes for your own patients, you’re going to need the courage to abandon the wrong ideas you spent years learning. Do you have the guts to do this?

1. You can get the book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, from: The Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation for $39.95 plus $0.50 postage. Their address and phone is: P.O. Box 2614, La Mesa, CA 91943   (619) 574-7763