NeuroCranial Restructuring Physician Testimonials

NeuroCranial Restructuring Physician Testimonials

” Dr. Dean Howell’s work on the skull is the MOST POWERFUL physical therapy I have seen in 25 years. Absolutely nothing touches it.”
– Sam Biser, Editor

This is the best hands on course of a very powerful technique… Get in on the cutting edge now! “
– Robert B. Johnson, DMD

” Thank you for sharing this wonderful technique with me. I feel it has deeply enriched my life, as well as those lives of the people I now share it with. It is powerful, relatively straight forward to apply and very beneficial. I look forward to mastering this technique, as I share it with many people over course of my life.”
– David Ackerman , Master of Chiropractic, Bachelor of Science

” Found Dean’s  patience & general attitude worked well for me personally and I found Derek helpful with questions about bodywork and his sense of humour livened things up. ”
– John Baijal BSc(Anatomy) DO(London) DAc

” The practical hands-on training was perfect. Really gave me the best idea of how treat patients using this technique and gave me the confidence to start using it straight away. ”
– Greg Schreeuwer D.C.

” Things with me and NeuroCranial Restructuring are going really well. I have been doing a series every two weeks since getting certified, typically seeing between 2 and 5 clients. At the end of this month I am traveling up to NH to work with some clients one of my friends that I graduated with lined up for me. So things are great and I am getting excellent results. I am also working on a web page which I will send to you as soon as it is up and running. I could not be more thrilled with NeuroCranial Restructuring and the results I am getting. It is quite a rush. I’ve prevented surgery, gotten people off of meds and saved them a ton of money in dental work and sinus/nasal septum/sleep apnea surgeries. ”
– Jillian Sarno

” Thanks for coming over and giving 100% with all your efforts.I really loved receiving my treatments and have benefitted greatly in many ways. I really did enjoy the course and feel it is going to change drastically the way that I deliver Physical Medicine in very positive way. I am sure that I will be able to change peoples’ lives for the better even more than I know I already do. Thank you again for your committment and I look forward to catching up in a tropical place and filling you in on many of my successes. ”
– Phillip Burgess  D.C. , B.App.Sc (Phty)

” Thanks Dean. There is no doubt because of you, you have kept alive and developed one of the most powerful healing modalities on this planet, and for that are forever grateful. It has impacted my health and wellbeing, and now that of my family and friends, eternally thankful. Appreciate your positive healing energy that give health and hope to many whom have been told there is none. THANKYOU.  ”
– Dr Darren Scheuner D.C.,  B.C.A.O.

” Since the workshop in Australia, due to insurance delays, I have only been able to perform the NeuroCranial Restructuring procedure on one friend who has experienced a remarkable change.  Aside from the diminishing pain in the lower back and shoulders of up to 70%, his posture and facial appearance has also improved dramatically. ”
Leonardo Viola, Osteopath (D.O. Grad. Dip. (Musc.), M. App. Sc. M. Herb. Med. D.A)