NeuroCranial Restructuring Doctors Newsletter

NeuroCranial Restructuring Doctors Newsletter

Hello NeuroCranial Restructuring Doctors

It is time for the bi-annual NeuroCranial RestructuringRI convention.

We have graciously extended all doctors’ listings since June 2004, with only some of the doctors paying us in 2005. Nobody has been asked to pay since then! Even an organization with no payroll cannot exist without income.

Please pay us dues of $400 for June 2006-2007, and another $400 for June 2005-2006 if you didn’t attend the last convention

If you would like to be listed for 2007-2008, you must attend convention and get re-certified. Click here to pay your dues and sign up for convention.

Remember, this year’s convention is free for NeuroCranial Restructuring Doctor-members of the NeuroCranial RestructuringRI, because it is now included in the $600 annual membership fee in the NeuroCranial RestructuringRI. Other benefits include the website listing as an NeuroCranial Restructuring Doctor at and referrals for calls placed to Dr. Howell’s office and those of other NeuroCranial RestructuringRI members. Doctors needing certification can attend certification classes during the conference for only $400. This certification will be good for two years recognition as a certified NeuroCranial Restructuring Doctor. The optional NeuroCranial Restructuring treatment sequence is free as well. Remember, you must be certified to be listed as an NeuroCranial Restructuring Doctor-member of the NeuroCranial Restructuring Research Institute.

Additionally, this year non-doctors significant others who are members of the NeuroCranial RestructuringRI ($50 annual membership) can attend the convention and the Recertification course for only $200 for each event. With convention payment, all snacks and lunches will be included.

If we don’t hear from you by March 31, 2007, you will be dropped from the website. If you sign up for the convention before April 15, 2007, then you will receive meals. If you sign up after that date, the hotel may not be able to serve you food or beverages.

NeuroCranial RestructuringRI NEWS 
THE WORLD OF NeuroCranial Restructuring


It’s almost that time of year again!
It’s time for the 5 th anniversary of the NeuroCranial Restructuring Research Institute and time for its biannual meeting. This year it will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona again at the Millennium Resort at McCormick Ranch from May 31 through June 3, 2007. Make your reservations at +1 866 866 8086.

If you are in Scottsdale Thursday morning, the convention will kick off with a round of golf at McCormick Ranch. A mature, excellent golf course, come out with Dr. Howell and take advantage of the low summer season rates.

The optional treatment sequence will begin at 7pm, May 31, with the NeuroCranial Restructuring certification class starting with 8am breakfasts on Friday, June 1 and Saturday, June 2. The NeuroCranial RestructuringRI convention will begin after lunch at 2pm on Friday and Saturday, with both days’ activities ending by 7pm. The conference will be closing with the optional treatment sequence with breakfast, Sunday morning at 8am, finishing up by 11am that day.

The conference will include lunch as well as morning and afternoon snacks Friday and Saturday, as well as breakfast on Sunday.

If you’ve been to the Millennium Resort before, you know that it is a great place to stay. During Arizona’s summer season, our rate is $89 nightly for a standard room, and for a small additional fee you get free bellman services, unlimited local telephone calls, Internet, use of the pool, and use of the workout facilities. The food is pretty good there, too!

Click here to sign up for the NeuroCranial Restructuring Convention.

Click here to sign up and pay for the NeuroCranial Restructuring Certification course.

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NeuroCranial RestructuringRI NEWS

What is going on with the NeuroCranial Restructuring Research Institute?
The organization has finally completed its paperwork, as is now registered as a non-profit corporation in the State of Washington and with the IRS. All money paid to the NeuroCranial RestructuringRI is can be claimed as a business expense or as a non-profit donation.

The NeuroCranial RestructuringRI now has bank accounts, managed by Treasurer Anne Davis, ND.

Last year’s donations, totaling $4000, were all used to pay for the cancelled convention. The cancelled convention will make the down payment for this year’s convention, though!

All money collected by the NeuroCranial RestructuringRI goes to the cost of the convention or to future research projects. Nobody is currently paid for labor by the NeuroCranial RestructuringRI, so virtually all money collected can be used for research.

If you have an interest in conducting low-cost, clinically-oriented research in NeuroCranial Restructuring, write up a proposal and submit it to our President, John P. Trowbridge, MD, and your proposal will be considered for funding.

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THE WORLD OF NeuroCranial Restructuring

What has been happening in the world of NeuroCranial Restructuring?
Dean Howell, ND has been asked to submit a request for a research program with Down’s Syndrome individuals This three year project, including a twp-year study would be conducted in Caracas, Venezuela in association with educator, psychologists, and doctors there and with the University of Caracas. Alternatively, Dr. Howell has also submitted his request to the Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation.

Dr. Howell has also been interviewed by the professional journal, Unified Energetics. It was published recently and mailed to 10,000 alternative doctors across the US. This is a good read at .

Dr. John Trowbridge is still circulating our migraine study, trying to get it published.