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Stay Healthy in 2007 , by Trisha Howell 
Generalized Treatment of a Disease with Naturopathic Medical Therapy, by Dean Howell, ND
NeuroCranial Restructuring: Cutting Edge Medicine for the New Millennium, by Trisha Howell
NeuroCranial Restructuring Massage: How Is It Different? by Trisha Howell

By Trisha Howell, editor

Happy New Year! In our 2007 newsletters we will focus on how you can achieve optimal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health through a variety of modalities.

In the lead article of this issue, Dr. Howell talks about how to improve your health by addressing your structure, biochemistry, level of toxicity, and mental/emotional/spiritual makeup.

In my articles, I share with you my personal experiences with NeuroCranial Restructuring: the phenomenal results I’ve seen both in myself and in others. And I explain why NeuroCranial Restructuring massage is different from any other massage techniques and how, even in the absence of or in between complete NeuroCranial Restructuring treatments, you can make structural progress with NeuroCranial Restructuring massage.

Dr. Howell and I wish you the greatest possible health, happiness, love, peace, and creative growth in 2007!

By Dean Howell, ND

In the naturopathic realm, a disease is considered to be a collection of symptoms that reflect deeper, more fundamental imbalances in the body-mind-spirit. So, those of us who believe in nature cure do not look for possible causative agents of the disease and its symptoms, but, instead, we look for the general body problems that lead to the collection of symptoms known as the disease.

At a simple level, we can say that a cold is “caused” by a virus. But not everybody exposed to the virus “catches” a cold. This is because the virus can infect only a body that is somehow weak enough to allow the virus to thrive. To me, the quest for the flu shot of the season or the right combination of medications to control a cold is a silly endeavor. It makes so much more sense to treat the cause of the condition instead of the symptoms! If we treat the cause, it will be much harder to ever be infected again. So, as a naturopathic physician, I view the cold-infection as a reflection of the body’s weaknesses, and I treat the patient accordingly.

These are problems that generalize into treatments in four areas:

  • Structural
  • Biochemical/Bioenergetic
  • Toxicity
  • Mental/Emotional/Spiritual

If I had a disease, I would treat all four areas: structural improvement, lifestyle (biochemical/bioenergetic) improvement, systemic body detoxification, and mental/emotional/spiritual therapy.

I. Sometimes a disease will improve with the use of only NeuroCranial Restructuring ® (NeuroCranial Restructuring) because the fundamental body problem is nervous system malfunction created by pressure from an asymmetrical musculoskeletal system. At times, even NeuroCranial Restructuring will not be sufficient to deal with these structural issues, and dental treatment of the bite mechanics and/or structure will need to be combined with the NeuroCranial Restructuring. Begin with an assessment of the structural asymmetry of the skull and skeleton. If significant, then NeuroCranial Restructuring will play a major role. It is very important but still insufficient to treat most conditions without some help through detoxification and lifestyle management.

II. & III. For other conditions, more improvement may occur with lifestyle modification and detoxification protocols because the fundamental problems are allergies, heavy metal exposure, parasites, yeast, chronic infections, or other similar compromises of the biological terrain. To evaluate the biochemistry, and the toxic load on the body, studies that need to be performed include:

  • Laboratory testing to determine heavy metal load
    • Hair analysis is an inexpensive qualitative measurement to indicate the need for more accurate, expensive tests. It demonstrates what metals have been circulating in the bloodstream during the last six weeks. It does not reflect the amount of metals stored in the tissues. If a metal level tests as high here, then the body will definitely have high levels in the tissues too. If it does not show here, it can still be possible that metals are stored in the tissues and were not circulating in the blood during the six weeks of hair growth. The treating physician must determine which tests to run.
    • Provocative testing for heavy metal tissue reserves with a 6 or 24-hour urine test is more accurate to determine the quantities of specific heavy metals stored in the tissues. The correct testing technique must be used for the specific metals suspected by the testing physician.
      • Oral penicillinase
      • Oral DMSA
      • Injected or transdermal DMPS
      • Injected, transdermal, or oral EDTA
  • Laboratory testing to determine hormone status
    • Thyroid (combined with oral temperature charting)
    • Adrenal hormones
    • DHEA
    • Growth Hormone
    • Sex hormones
  • Laboratory to determine standard blood test values
    • Liver
    • Kidney
    • Heart
    • Blood
  • Laboratory testing to determine digestive tract function
    • Parasites
    • Yeast and fungi
    • Enzymatic function
    • Pathogenic bacteria
    • Desirable bacteria
    • Acid-alkaline balance
    • Immune performance
  • Laboratory testing to determine nutritional status
    • Vitamin panels
    • Mineral panels
  • If indicated, testing of the blood or fat for solvents, petrochemicals, and other oil-soluble toxins.
  • If indicated, testing of the blood for food intolerances (similar to food allergies but more generalized).
  • Dental evaluation for possible
    • Caries
    • Periodontal problems
    • Infections
      • New tooth infections
      • Infections in the bones surrounding teeth
      • Old extraction sites
      • Old root canals
    • Removal of heavy metals in the dental work
      • Electrical imbalances triggered by metal
      • Toxic load of metals leaking into the body
    • Bruxism (grinding of teeth)
    • Improvements needed in bite mechanics.

IV. For the fourth category, the mental/emotional/spiritual state of the body, detoxification and other lifestyle changes will have a beneficial, indirect effect, but other practices may be needed to achieve ideal balance.

  • Meditation: There are many meditation practices, and you can choose the one that works best for you. The goal of most meditation is to still the chatter of the mind and body so that you can experience direct awareness of your being. This has a relaxing and clarifying effect on your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. You shed old gunk that is sucking your energy and interfering with your feeling and manifesting who you essentially are: a being of light and love. This shedding of the old and re-focusing on the essential, the energizing, and the life-giving part of your being can have a profound effect on your health in all areas.
  • Yoga and other similar body/mind practices: Like meditation, yoga and related disciplines take you deeper into your self and create an ever-expanding awareness of who you are and what you truly want in life, while providing you with a foundational calmness, peace, and joy that enables you to more effectively act in alignment with your highest values. This is empowering and health-giving on all levels.
  • Personal growth seminars and other such group and individual practices: Sometimes we need the gentle guidance of others who have walked further down the path of personal growth we seek or who can simply remind us of fundamental truths we have forgotten. Different approaches work for different individuals, so seek out what resonates with you and what helps you to move forward joyfully and effectively in life, from the basis of the greatest possible awareness, peace, and compassion for self and others.
  • Bio-energetic healing: There are numerous practitioners (of varying quality) who address the mental/emotional/spiritual aspects of our being through hands-on energy work. There are varying modalities, and some work better for some people than others. Find what resonates for you and what assists you in clearing out old energetic baggage and in empowering you to take bold, decisive, and effective steps forward in alignment with your true essence and your highest goals. This will have a profound effect on your physical health as well because so many physical maladies are at bottom manifestations of energetic maladies that result from mental/emotional/spiritual causes.

With all of this information, the general malfunctions of the body can be determined, and these causes of the malfunctions can be dealt with through nutriceuticals, chelation, organic foods, physical medicine detoxification treatments (saunas, colonics, salt water footbaths like Bionic Hydrotherapy, constitutional hydrotherapy, etc.), bioelectrical treatments like the MicroStimula and the QXCI/SCIO, and practices that enable you to address your mental/emotional/spiritual being.

With all of these treatments, your disease will go away, and so will their annoying symptoms. You will also experience true health, which is not the absence of disease but the presence of an empowering physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ease that manifests in many ways, including increased vitality, awareness, and feelings of well-being, love, peace, compassion, wonder, and excitement about life.

By Trisha Howell

I first experienced NeuroCranial Restructuring in 1997 after more than a ten-year history of automobile accidents. I was reared-ended four times during that period, suffering severe whiplash each time. Prior to this I already had structural problems because I was born with a significant scoliosis, and I had fallen on my back from over ten feet above ground when I was sixteen. Though I had had literally hundreds of chiropractic treatments and hundreds more massages, I was in chronic pain most of the time.

Then I came across an article in the Last Chance Health Newsletter by Sam Biser that talked about how the developer of NeuroCranial Restructuring, Dr. Dean Howell, was using his versatile therapy to improve the functioning of the brain! This was very exciting to me because I figured that anyone could benefit from a better functioning brain. At the time, I didn’t even think about how my more obvious structural issues could benefit from NeuroCranial Restructuring, though these were also mentioned in Mr. Biser’s article.

However, after my first NeuroCranial Restructuring series in September 1997, I noticed that the chronic pain in my back and neck had already diminished considerably. Dr. Howell had explained to me prior to treatment what no other practitioner had ever told me: that I had a reverse cervical curve from my whiplash injuries that was causing much of my chronic pain. The accidents had caused my head to slide forward on my neck, making my neck curve go the opposite way it normally should be. Since this was a very abnormal position for the bones, my muscles had to be chronically tight to prevent my head from falling forward whenever I was upright. No chiropractor, masseuse, or physical therapist had even been able to make any difference in my neck curve; all they did was release tight muscles, which then had to become tight again in order to hold up my head. They were dealing with my symptoms, when what we really needed was to deal with the root cause of the problem.

By the end of about half a dozen treatment sequences, Dr. Howell had succeeded in returning my neck to the normal curve direction, making a huge difference in how I felt. There was an ease and a lack of discomfort in my body that I had forgotten could exist! We humans get used to our chronic pain and tension to the point that we hardly perceive it anymore until it is gone.

Over the years, I have continued to reap benefits with each NeuroCranial Restructuring series. These have included relief from subsequent injuries, from lifelong TMJ, from worry and insomnia, as well as gaining an ever increasing mental and emotional clarity. In addition, NeuroCranial Restructuring has entirely straightened out my scoliosis, making me not only pain-free in my back but two inches taller! NeuroCranial Restructuring has freed my body for more effortless movement and has deepened my meditation, making my yoga practice soar. Another significant benefit is that my face has become more attractive: more symmetrical, with higher cheekbones and fewer lines. I don’t look any older now than I did when I met Dr. Howell nine years ago!

As some of you know, my meeting Dr. Howell for treatment in September 1997 led to my interviewing him for a book I was writing, which led to us getting to know one another, which led to our engagement and then marriage in September 1998. So you could argue that I am a biased reporter on the subject of NeuroCranial Restructuring. But being this close to Dr. Howell has enabled me to watch the progress of his patients over the years, especially during the many times that I’ve served as his treatment assistant. I continue to be amazed by what I encounter!

Nearly all the patients Dr. Howell treats with NeuroCranial Restructuring report benefits after every 4-day sequence. This still astounds me because I’ve never seen anything close to this rate of success with the many mainstream and alternative health therapies I’ve encountered during my life. What impresses me the most is not only how effective NeuroCranial Restructuring is but also how versatile it is.

Apparently, scores of health challenges have structural abnormalities as part of their root cause, so optimizing the structure has dramatic and immediate effects in people’s lives for a wide variety of conditions. I’ve seen several patients come in with headaches that have lasted anywhere from 10 to 40 years, only to have those headaches disappear permanently after only one or two NeuroCranial Restructuring sequences. (In fact, a recent controlled medical study showed that over 75% of study participants had more than 92% relief of migraines with only two sequences of NeuroCranial Restructuring, even six months later.)

I’ve seen people with debilitating scoliosis stand up straighter and walk with ease. I’ve seen people with severe depression and other mood disorders become pleasant and happy, with often such a dramatic change that relatives and friends hardly recognize them! I’ve seen children with Down’s Syndrome become more alert and begin to speak or speak with more complex ideas, while at the same time their chronic health issues disappear. I’ve seen all kinds of aches and pains, seemingly from very different causes, abate and then vanish. I am continually amazed and gladdened by the wide range of health benefits that patients report after receiving NeuroCranial Restructuring!

For these reasons, I believe that NeuroCranial Restructuring is cutting-edge medicine for the new millennium. No other physical (or even other) medicine is as versatile and far-reaching while offering dependable, permanent, and cumulative results. As Dr. Howell trains more doctors in this revolutionary technique, I look forward to NeuroCranial Restructuring spreading around the globe and transforming people’s lives everywhere. I believe that humanity would be truly uplifted and transformed if NeuroCranial Restructuring could become available and utilized on a mass scale!

NeuroCranial Restructuring MASSAGE: HOW IS IT DIFFERENT?
By Trisha Howell

NeuroCranial Restructuring Massage was developed by Dr. Dean Howell in conjunction with the cranial balloon therapy that he has been refining for the past 24 years. I have been trained in a variety of other massage practices (Swedish, acupressure, reflexology, Trager, Thai yoga massage, and Hot Stone massage), but NeuroCranial Restructuring massage is the most powerful bodywork modality I have ever learned or experienced. (And I have experienced many forms of bodywork that I have not learned to do myself, including Rolfing, Hellerwork, Feldenkreis, Polarity, acupuncture, and dozens of less well-known therapies.) It releases muscular tension and energetic blockages more quickly and effectively than any other massage, and it creates lasting structural improvement.

The basic aim of NeuroCranial Restructuring massage is to find and release points that resonate with one another, improving energy flow and opposing the twists in a patient’s structure so that the patient unwinds toward increased symmetry, muscular release, and energetic balance. Generally two points are used simultaneously, often on different sides of the patient’s body, in order to disperse stuck energy (too much) and, if needed, to send it to a weak energetic area (too little).

The practitioner starts by grounding him/herself and imagining energy flowing from the universe, through him/herself and coming out through his/her fingers, extending 6 inches or more into the patient’s body. Points may be located through structural observation, sensing of energy patterns, intuition, etc. Often the practitioner may feel a subtle pulsation or vibration when two resonating points are simultaneously pressed. This is a good indication for pressing those areas until the pulsation ceases.

At the same time, the patient may feel energy moving more freely through his/her body as well as a profound release of muscular and energetic tension. When I’m being worked on, I feel as if my whole body and energy field is opening up, even expanding, as tension drains out, and my mind becomes clearer and calmer. When I then stand up to be tested before receiving a balloon, I feel as if the weight of the world has been taken off of me, and I stand effortlessly, my body suddenly light and airy while at the same time being more easily supported by and grounded in the earth. I feel very agile and generally euphoric.

NeuroCranial Restructuring massage has many benefits, both alone and in conjunction with a full NeuroCranial Restructuring treatment. Here are some:

BENEFITS OF NeuroCranial Restructuring MASSAGE

  • Relaxes the patient’s muscles and nervous system, making his/her mind and body more open to changes from balloon treatment as well as freeing him/her from chronic tension and pain.
  • Improves symmetry and energy flow, which decreases the balloon pressure needed, and creates deeper structural change (i.e., the possibility for more movement/change).
  • Repetition accumulates and gradually moves the patient toward his/her structural ideal, even in the absence of balloons.
  • Reveals the most accurate NeuroCranial Restructuring testing pattern by releasing recent tensions that may mask the chronic pattern.
  • Helps balloons to move the patient more quickly and accurately toward his/her structural ideal.
  • May create a sense of bodily fluidity, agility, euphoria, lightness yet groundedness, and effortless motion.

While NeuroCranial Restructuring massage combined with the precise and scientific use of proprioceptive testing, body positioning, and balloon placement (i.e., a complete NeuroCranial Restructuring treatment) will assure the maximal and most long-lasting structural benefits, even on its own NeuroCranial Restructuring massage will gradually move you toward better symmetry, energy flow, and structural integrity. It is also great for pain relief and for enhancing your sense of well-being. NeuroCranial Restructuring massage is also the only bodywork modality you can use within 3-4 weeks of your last NeuroCranial Restructuring treatment without any risk of compromising the profound positive structural changes that occur for that period after your NeuroCranial Restructuring sequence.

Besides assisting Dr. Howell during his NeuroCranial Restructuring sequences, Dr. Howell’s son Derek and I also offer NeuroCranial Restructuring massage privately. These are 1, 1 ½, or 2 hour sessions that thoroughly work the whole body using NeuroCranial Restructuring massage principles, as well as adding Reiki, significant stretching, and whatever other bodywork techniques the client chooses to have integrated. For more information, feel free to contact me atTrisha@TrishaHowell.com or at (310) 472-8643.

If you have any interesting health news that you would like to contribute to the Dr. Dean Howell Newsletter, whether it be NeuroCranial Restructuring-related or not, we welcome your submission. Please send your health comments, stories, testimonials, articles, etc. to the editor, Trisha Howell, atTrisha@TrishaHowell.com We will not be able to include all submissions in future newsletters, but we will try to publish as many items of general interest as possible.