Living In The NeuroCranial World Issue 2

Issue 2 
By Dean Howell, ND
Everything in this newsletter is the personal opinion of Dean Howell, ND

Welcome to the second issue of “Living in the NeuroCranial World.” This newsletter tells you my findings, feelings, and opinions about the world of holistic healing.

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I get articles sent to me by MDs almost daily. They come to me because of my naturopathic physician’s licensing in Washington State. I guess the State or a vitamin company sells them my contact information. It just seems to me like Big Pharma spam. Yesterday I got an invitation to attend a seminar entitled, “Migraine Case Management.” This was a seminar about how to best utilize medicines to control the symptoms, the pains of the migraines. This made me realize how far I had progressed with my NeuroCranial Restructuring treatments. I rarely think of helping patients to cope with their pain. I treat the cause of their pain and it goes away.

With this example, for instance, headaches and migraines are amongst the easiest conditions to treat with NeuroCranial Restructuring!

It is simple to understand why:

The basic concept of NeuroCranial Restructuring is that we restore the optimal musculoskeletal system by unlocking specific skull joints and then allowing the connective tissues to gradually restore the original design of the body. The head has only two bone areas that touch the neck, and this is where it balances on top of the neck. The brain feels safest when the skull is stable. When a head is lop-sided or crooked, it behaves like a teeter-totter with a fat kid on one end and a skinny kid on the other. That’s when the seesaw (or the head) tilts. Our necks then compensate to keep our heads from falling over by moving the neck bones into the positions that best stabilize our skulls. The low side of the skull is like the fat kid: the neck bones move toward him (i.e., move out farther from the midline) to balance the seesaw with the skinny kid. So these chronic bone positions are determined by our head (bone) alignment patterns. The reason why some people never recover from neck and back injuries is that their treatments do not correct their asymmetrical heads!

This is the reason why headaches and migraines persist. The head balances on top of two small areas at the base of the skull. When the head tips away from its midline, the neck bones must move into positions that stabilize the skull. This moves the atlas (the top bone in the neck) to a position that is not in the midline of the neck. When the atlas is not in the middle, the large hole in the center of the bone pinches the brainstem/spinal cord, causing pains in the neck and head. You probably know that chiropractic and osteopathic treatments can be used to correct this poor atlas position—(and doing this will often stop a headache or migraine)—but most of the time these local atlas treatments don’t last because they don’t address why the bones go into lopsided positions in the first place. That is, these treatments don’t take into account the overall stability patterns of the person.

With NeuroCranial Restructuring we change the skull’s symmetry (the alignment pattern of the head bones). This more symmetrical skull is easier to balance on top of the neck. Then the atlas can remain positioned in the midline of the neck while preserving skull stability. This stops the atlas-caused headaches and neck pains. NeuroCranial Restructuring gets lasting results, and our studies show that it also gives relief quickly. We are trying to publish one migraine study that demonstrates a 92% decrease in headache and migraine symptoms for three-fourths of the study’s participants for at least 6 months after receiving only two four-day NeuroCranial Restructuring series. Send me your friends and family with headaches and migraines! I will get them better quickly and permanently!

WANTED: PATIENTS AND DOCTORS FOR NeuroCranial Restructuring!

I am trying to find two groups of people: Those who need NeuroCranial Restructuring therapy, and those who would make good NeuroCranial Restructuring therapists.

I travel around the world (within the US and to many other countries) to share the power, efficacy, and beauty of NeuroCranial Restructuring treatment, and I want to help even more people! Do you know somebody who can benefit from NeuroCranial Restructuring? Send them this newsletter! The price for new patients was recently lowered to $1075 for the first four days of treatment, and returns are only $840 for four days. NeuroCranial Restructuring-01 will give you NeuroCranial Restructuring Referral Rewards (see below). Remember that we also have reduced rates for disabled/fixed income patients, adolescents, and infants.

Do you know somebody who could become a good NeuroCranial Restructuring therapist? It is now easier than ever before to become trained as an NeuroCranial Restructuring practitioner. The NeuroCranial Restructuring Practitioners’ Training Course has always been available to qualified medical doctors, dentists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and naturopathic physicians. But now I have added eligibility to highly qualified physical therapists, acupuncturists, and massage therapists with backgrounds in Structural Integration work (Rolfers, SOMA, etc.).

The new improved training course now takes nine days (Saturday through Sunday) and costs $7000 each for a five-practitioner class in Los Angeles, decreasing to $4900 each for a class of twelve. Other US and international locations cost an extra $1150 to $1550 per student, (depending on how many therapists take the course) saving the students even more money (there are no or reduced travel costs). The good news here is (did you notice this?): The larger the number of therapists in the class, the lower the price per therapist! I have never seen another course that rewards students for accepting a larger class. There is more information about the course here. If your referral therapist takes the course, NeuroCranial Restructuring-01 will reward you with Referral Rewards for this too! (See below.)

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