NeuroCranial Restructuring Testimonials and Case Studies – Hilary Lampers

NeuroCranial Restructuring Testimonials and Case Studies – Hilary Lampers

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Dr. Dean Howell: “Hilary Lampers is featured next. Hilary and I initially met when I hired her to work on me because I was overworking and needed muscle work. Hilary is a massage therapist. When I first had her come to me and saw what pain she was in, I insisted that I begin working on her before I would let her massage me. Later, she became my massage therapist, and is now in Naturopathic Medical School so that she can do this therapy as well. For the rest of it, let’s let Hilary tell her story.

Hilary Lampers: “My name is Hilary Lampers, and I am Dr. Dean Howell’s assistant. I’ve been working with him now for three years. I’ve known him for almost four. Before I worked here, I was a patient, and then there’s a story that goes along with why I work here. And it’s mainly because pretty much my life was changed by coming here.”

Hilary Lampers: “Most of my life, I had severe head pressure. When I was born, they used forceps on me, and I had had a series of car accidents and so on and so forth over the years. My head pretty much hurt when I woke up, and it hurt when I went to bed. And I wouldn’t really call it headache. I would just say that I had a lot of pressure, like someone was squeezing my head all the time. I had a vice grip on my head.”

Hilary Lampers: “And for being so young and having this pain for pretty much most of my life, it gradually was getting worse and worse and worse. I was pretty hopeless. I finally decided to do the NeuroCranial Restructuring, and I did the NeuroCranial Restructuring in March of 1997 was my first session. And it was the first night in my life that I can remember where I went to bed with no head pressure. And I woke up with no head pressure. And so that four-day session just really changed my whole view of how body work is done and what health actually is because as far as I was concerned, there was not going to be anything that was going to take my head pressure away.”

Hilary Lampers: “My head pressure went away for about two months, and then I started gradually getting it back, and I knew that I needed to come back. So I came back and I got another session, and in the eight-month period of time, I had three, maybe four sessions. And it took about that long and my head pressure was totally gone. I haven’t had the same head pressure since August of 1997, so that March, May, June, July, August – that’s actually six months.

Hilary Lampers: “My headache, head pressure was gone. It’s not only changed my life, it’s changed my whole family’s life because my mother’s come, my brother’s come, my stepfather, most of my friends and my husband, and some other family members.”

Hilary Lampers: “It’s just opened up this whole wealth, you know, of communication between people, and it’s exciting. And I feel really fortunate to have been a part of that. So the technique that I do which was taught to me by Dr. Howell, and it was the technique that he started using on me before I would let him do NeuroCranial Restructuring on my head, but he trained me in it, and over the years I’ve been working with it.”

Hilary Lampers: “He modifies it and you modify it, as well as the treatments, you know. It’s always changing, it’s always getting better. Now, I am in the process of finishing my Bachelor’s Degree and going into medical school so that I can do what Dr. Howell does.”

Hilary Lampers: “I want to be a doctor and do NeuroCranial Restructuring for my future, so pretty much, you know, my life is on a totally different track.”

Hilary Lampers: “I don’t have headaches anymore. Not only did it make my headaches go away, but my face is totally different. If you could see pictures of me from three years ago, I look totally different.”

Hilary Lampers: “I feel like I look younger. I feel younger than I did three years ago. I would say to anybody who is even thinking about it that there is no other structural physical medicine as powerful as this.”

Hilary Lampers: “And, you don’t even know what your brain can do and how good you can feel until you do this.”