NeuroCranial Restructuring Testimonial and Case Study on Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia

NeuroCranial Restructuring Testimonial and Case Study on Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia

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Laurel Morhouse

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Laurel Morhouse

Dr. Dean Howell: “This next section features Laurel Moorhouse, who came to me for the multiple symptoms associated with chronic fatigue syndrome, CFS.”

Dr. Dean Howell: “You would not think that someone that is chronically tired would look for a treatment like NeuroCranial Restructuring, but with some of her complaints, seizures, headaches, chronic neck pain and more, she was receiving no relief from taking nutritional supplements, drugs or getting other kinds of therapies.

Dr. Dean Howell: “We see this with many people with chronic fatigue. They just like the people that we discussed at other times with Fibromyalgia and other conditions, they all have numerous biochemical problems, but they also have structural problems that are preventing their nervous system from working as it should, and without an optimized functioning nervous system, without that going on, the rest of the biochemistry cannot work right either. For more on this, let us hear Laurel right now.

Laurel Morhouse: “My name is Laurel and when I first saw Dr. Howell, I had chronic fatigue syndrome for 6 ½ years. I had been to other doctors in the natural health field, alternative medicine doctors, some MDs, and had tried a number of different ways to get myself back on my feet and just feel healthy again.

Laurel Morhouse: “But, none of the treatments that I tried addressed anything to do with my neurologic symptoms, including foggy brain, lack of concentration, seizures, poor memory, some of those issues, that just nothing was addressing them.”

Laurel Morhouse: ” I was feeling better somewhat physically but, still because of that, I wasn’t able to return to work and for 6 ½ years, I didn’t work. And, when I heard about Dr. Howell, he just seemed to really fill in a piece of that puzzle, especially when I heard him talk about what his treatment does and what your benefits can be from that.”

Laurel Morhouse: “And so after just a few treatments with him, I was able to go back to work, which just surprised me. After just a couple of treatments, my brain function cleared up. I did not have that foggy brain problem any more.”

Laurel Morhouse: “A few more treatments, and I had no more seizures. A lot of these symptoms are not talked about in regards to chronic fatigue in a lot of the literature, and I just had not had help anywhere else. And, he just, if it had not been for his treatment, I just do not know where I would be today because I would not be able to work because of these other neurologic symptoms going on. And I am just really grateful to him for that.