NeuroCranial Restructuring Help for Ankylosing Spondylitis

NeuroCranial Restructuring Help for Ankylosing Spondylitis

Where do I begin?
My condition began at age 17 with a pain in my hip. In one day, I went from the fastest person on my tennis team to the slowest. I deteriorated over the next 5 years. I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS).

I went to a neurologist, a rheumatologist, an orthopedist, a chiropractor and a physical therapist for help. All of the doctors and therapists whom I saw clearly wanted to help. However, the diagnosis (with the exception of the chiropractor) was always similar: take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and perform a regimen of stretching contained in a back pamphlet.

The chiropractor was very helpful in increasing my awareness of AS. The MDs correctly diagnosed my condition but did not reveal much information about AS. For instance, it wasn’t until six years into the condition that I learned about the process of uncontrolled spinal fusion that characterizes AS.

The chiropractor clearly defined the state of my condition as well as the “what ifs” scenarios for the future. I got manipulations from him three times a week. The manipulations did not help my back but did temporarily increase the mobility in my neck. However, I also felt friction between the vertebrae in my neck. That scared me. I discontinued the treatments.2

I then learned of the Spondylitis Association (SA) and attended a meeting at the National Center for Health. Through SA, my awareness rapidly increased as I met other people with my condition for the first time. I was relieved to meet others with AS and to see that many of them were living happy lives in spite of the physical limitations. But it scared me.

I met a terrific gentleman who was on his fourth hip replacement and was nearly completely fused. When I realized that that was my possible future, I did not like it.

The Spondylitis Association provided a wealth of helpful information. At about the same time, I saw the father of my dearest childhood friend, Charlie Enochs. Jim Enochs took a personal interest in my condition. I consider this one of the most fortunate occurrences in my life. He sent me two nutritional guides, and he recommended various supplements including shark cartilage and fish oil. These are crucial for me. He helped me think about my condition and achieve a better level of acceptance of it. More importantly, he gave me the resolve to keep aggressively fighting the condition.

As my AS management skills improved, I gradually improved my muscular strength close to my former state. However, even with the improvement, I was “locked”‘ into a slumped position. The pain was perpetual. My neck mobility was virtually gone. With no medical breakthrough on the horizon, I was tempted to accept this lesser physical version of myself.

Although I was not at my lowest physical state, there were additional degenerative signs emerging, including a new pressure pain in the front of my left hip, a constant clicking and popping of my elbows and diminished ankle circulation and mobility. The greatest daily problem was intense tension and corresponding pain in the back of my neck as the muscles strained to hold my head up.

I was experiencing this mental and physical state when Mr. Enochs called and described a treatment that he had undergone in Seattle. He urged me to schedule a visit as soon as could be arranged. He also told me that if it didn’t work out for me, he would pay for it, which impressed me greatly.

It took me six months before going to Dr. Howell for NeuroCranial Restructuring. The day before flying to Dr. Howell’s clinic, I told Mr. Enochs that a 10% improvement would greatly enhance my life and leave me very satisfied that I attended.

I underwent a sequence with Dr. Howell. A session is a series of half-hour treatments given once a day for four consecutive days. His technique is called NeuroCranial Restructuring (NeuroCranial Restructuring). It really worked for me. Look at my photos!
I got:

A 60% INeuroCranial RestructuringEASE IN ERECT POSTURE!
An 85% reduction in pain.

A 50% increase in nasal breathing capacity.

A 85% reduction in muscular tension in the back of my neck.

Between 50% – 75%(at the very least) reduction in spinal scoliosis (i.e.. I now have a fairly straight spine.)

A 50% increase in chest expansion while breathing.

More than 50% increase in neck mobility.

An 85% decrease in the clicking and popping in my elbows.

My shoulders are at least 70% closer to their correct position.

My pelvis is 70% closer to being on line.

My face is a least 30% fuller than it was a year ago!

My eyes and ears are more aligned.

My nose (which was twice hit over the years) has now returned to 75% of its original shape!


I fill out my clothes better because of my improved posture.

My pants wear better because of my improved pelvis (i.e. my posterior is fuller).

I stand at least an inch taller.

My face, not contorted with pain and tension, appears much more relaxed.

I walk on the insides of my feet again and my balance is dramatically improved.

I am mechanically stronger.

My presence in any room I enter is dramatically different.

And on and on and on and on and on.

I sincerely hope that this description of my experience will help quantify the potential impact that NeuroCranial Restructuring could have on any degenerative arthritic condition. What is even better is that much of my progress was immediate.

I am only a phone call away from anyone who wishes to ask about my personal experience and results. I can be reached at (404) 812-7099 (phone) or Jcuddihyii (email).

Good luck and best regards for all people looking for guidance and tools to combat any ailment that they are fighting. I am indescribably fortunate to have finally located the guidance and tools for treatment of Ankylosing Spondylitis. It came in the form of Dr. Dean Howell and NeuroCranial Restructuring!

Jamie Cuddahy III–Dunwoody, GA