NeuroCranial Restructuring Testimonials and Case Studies on TMJ, Orthodontic Stress and Hearing Problems

NeuroCranial Restructuring Testimonials and Case Studies on TMJ, Orthodontic Stress and Hearing Problems

According to Merck’s Manual (the bible of the medical profession), sleep apnea syndromes are “a group of potentially lethal disorders in which breathing stops during sleep for long enough periods of time to cause a reduction of oxygen in the blood.” There are several possible causes and several treatments suggested, but none as revolutionary and effective as NeuroCranial Restructuring (NeuroCranial Restructuring) which totally handled this serious problem in Phillip, one of my associates and fellow natural healing crusaders.

He suffered from sleep apnea for years, awakening some 40 times each hour. Doctors advised that without a mechanical breathing machine he would probably die. No drugs or nutrition, including his excellent command of herbal healing, was effective.

Then he saw a naturopathic doctor in Everett, Washington who has perfected this unusual therapy, and his sleep became relaxed and restful, and that’s not all. His backaches left for good and the treatments even “fixed” his broken nose so completely that a doctor he’d been seeing insisted that he had plastic surgery to straighten it. All he really did was get his head on straight.

The Everett, WA naturopath, Dean Howell, tells us, “the skull is like an eight to ten pound bowling ball sitting on top of a pool stick. If the body didn’t balance the ball on top, you’d fall over and have to crawl on the ground. Since the body prefers pain to falling over, it will deliberately move the spinal bones (and other organs and tissues) out of place to stabilize itself.”

There are actually two problems occurring in the head that force the body to make compensations. In addition to a head that is not centered over the spine, it is also an irregular shape. This pinches and constricts the brain, forcing it to function abnormally slow and somewhat retarded.

“The skull is a container for the brain and the fluids that flow through it.” Dr. Howell continues, “there is a small membrane lining the inside of the skull and the brain has to fit inside that. Imagine your brain as a sponge. If you have a round sponge in a square box, there is a squeezing of the sponge and a restriction of the fluid flow within the crimped areas.” NeuroCranial Restructuring gives the brain more breathing room to function.

As part of my recent dental surgery, my bite was realigned, correcting a misalignment I had all my life. But, the rest of my body was not ready for correctly aligned teeth. My Eustachian tubes blocked, destroying most of my hearing. It was like trying to hear through gallons of water sloshing around.

Before discovering NeuroCranial Restructuring, I tried everything: herbs, essential oils, massage, chiropractic adjustments, and so on. While some of these treatments were somewhat effective for a while, nothing restored very much of my hearing. I had a 100% blockage in my right ear and 70% in my left.

With Philip’s suggestion, I got 4 treatments from one of Dr. Howell’s students who was learning NeuroCranial Restructuring in a special Las Vegas class that the doctor was officiating. My left ear opened completely and my right ear improved to 45% or 50% of normal.

These changes were also visible, noticed by my husband — my cheekbones are wider now — and by examination of the ear canal itself.

Then I saw Dr. Howell for my next 4 treatments, about 60 days later. I experienced a return of nearly normal hearing in both ears. I only have an occasional bubbling in my right ear–the one that was totally blocked after the bite realignment of my teeth.

We believe there is a place for all effective forms of therapy, and you should go to the right place at the right time. Structural problems must be addressed by structural alignment methods. The arsenal of natural healing gets more complete each day.

Marge Hartwig