NeuroCranial Restructuring Helps Hyperactivity

NeuroCranial Restructuring Helps Hyperactivity

Dear Doctor Howell:
Thank you for giving our son back to us! Tucker, our three-year-old, has struggled with interpreting and following through with instructions in the most menial and mundane tasks until his first visit with your gifted techniques of NeuroCranial Restructuring.

After 12 months of trial and repeated frustration, Tucker has finally obtained the opportunity to follow through in toilet training HIMSELF and stay dry, even through the night, without accident or incident.

Where MY son had NO patience for little things like picking up a crayon or marker and drawing or coloring, he now excitedly shows us his pictures exclaiming, “I made this! Isn’t it beautiful, Mommy? I made this!”

Every time I think about how his teeth had impeded his ability to speak correctly and caused chewing difficulties, which is now correcting, with the accumulation of repeated NeuroCranial Restructuring treatments, without orthodontics, I give a sigh of relief.

He did NOT have to endure the costly and bothersome surgery for drainage tubes in his ears to relieve a constant barrage of ear infections. The cranial adjustments corrected and relieved his ear pain. It must have been caused by maladjusted bone structure. I CRY tears of joy.

I have to pull myself back from approaching strangers I encounter who have problems in facial structure like I had. I was cured of it, though I was not fully aware the problem until I saw it changing in the sequences of my own before-and-after pictures. I knew that something wasn’t even as I would look in the mirror to apply my makeup. I was used to seeing someone that was crooked!

It just feels so much better to go through life being able to stand straight and tall and not have to make a conscious effort to check my posture.

You removed the effects from a head injury that seven specialized medical doctors told me they could do nothing about. It was just something I had to live with. They could find “nothing wrong.” NeuroCranial Restructuring allowed me to sleep effortlessly. No more waking to severe inner head pain and throbbing several times a night!

I spent twenty-one years of (sometimes three times a week) chiropractic visits for months on end, spending literally thousands of dollars of my own and so much insurance money, all with the unfulfilled hope of a pain-free lifestyle. I have found that not only does NeuroCranial Restructuring work better, it is also much more cost effective.

I received complete relief from my pain in only one series of treatments. My posture is corrected, my thoughts are 200-300% clearer, making decision-making a smooth and painless process. There is NO “I should have….” Instead I experience more, “I’m so happy I decided to do that…” which elevates my self-esteem and reassures me that my life is worth living. I am now blessed to be alive, being the one living there, eliminating the severe depression I lived in for years on end prior to receiving your treatments.

In ending, thank you for taking such terrific caring care of my family. Your specialty in medicine puts a new twist on the phrase, “I love balloons” in our household.

Susan Casey (mother of Tucker)–Marysville, WA