NeuroCranial Restructuring Testimonials and Case Studies – NCR Repair and Building

NeuroCranial Restructuring Testimonials and Case Studies – NeuroCranial Restructuring Repair and Building

Imagine a building made of the finest materials and impeccably maintained. Nevertheless, it constantly develops cracks and leaks. Even the most meticulously installed features crumble. All because the overall structure the skeleton of the building is faulty. In the human body we often forget the importance of structure. We exercise, diet, cleanse, get good nutrition and rest. But for many of us this isn’t enough because the mechanics of our bodies are not working at their peak.

Starting with the birthing process, our heads are squeezed and compressed into less than their optimal shapes. Each time we receive a physical or emotional blow to the skull, the sutures the cranial bone joints tighten and put pressure on the brain, diminishing optimal learning and well being. The skull distorts, which in turn distorts the spine, pelvis, legs and feet, producing anything from minor dysfunction to great pain. The body’s structural priority is stability, keeping the person upright and balanced. If the head is even slightly distorted, then it doesn’t balance easily, and the spine compensates with a counterbalancing distortion to create a makeshift stability. This is why so many chiropractic adjustments to the spine don’t hold the spine’s distortion, though painful, is more functional and stabilizing to the head than the adjusted position.

So the body returns to its compensatory pattern.

Likewise, in many cases massage is unable to provide long term relief to achy muscles because the muscles’ tension is more functional. When the structure is unbalanced and unable to properly support itself, stability is gained by muscle tension.

The muscles are like cables holding up a tree you don’t want to loosen them or the tree will fall over. The tree must first be restored to a healthy structure. This is much easier to do for the human body than for a tree. It’s possible to unlock the sutures in the skull so that the brain has room to operate efficiently and the entire nervous system is optimized. The only therapy currently available that makes positive and permanent structural change from the head down is NeuroCranial Restructuring (NeuroCranial Restructuring).

NeuroCranial Restructuring moves the head and entire body more and more towards its original design. The face becomes more symmetrical, the head rounder, the posture and movement more graceful and easy. This increased stability is effortless for the patient one naturally stands straighter and more balanced when the structure is optimized. NeuroCranial Restructuring works by moving the sphenoid bone, the foundation for all the other bones in the head. When the sphenoid is off, so is everything else. When the sphenoid is properly balanced, everything else can be optimized too. With NeuroCranial Restructuring, the cranial bones relax, returning to their originally design and shape, allowing the brain to fully expand. With the head properly shaped and positioned, the spine naturally returns to its optimal shape and function. Muscular tension disappears because it is no longer required for stability. Flexibility and ease of movement return. Increased energy and a profound sense of well being arise.

Dr. Dean Howell, the founder of NeuroCranial Restructuring therapy, and the doctors he’s trained, perform an external examination to test the sphenoid’s stability. Depending on where and how much it is unstable, they design a pattern of treatment tailored to the individual. Small balloons of varying thickness are inserted into one to four of the six nasal passages to the throat, permitting a momentary direct contact with the sphenoid bone. They are inflated from two to five seconds to precisely move the sphenoid and thus all the other cranial bones, creating a new and superior stability. For maximal results, the patient receives one treatment a day over four consecutive days.

Dr. Howell has personally administered over 60,000 treatments, all of which have been safe and most highly effective in reducing or eliminating symptoms as diverse as breathing and sinus dysfunction, muscular pain and spasm, scoliosis, ear disorders, vision problems, seizures, whiplash, dyslexia, insomnia, snoring, sleep apnea, dystonia, Parkinson’s tremors and TMJ. NeuroCranial Restructuring also has profound mental and emotional effects, including relief from anxiety, depression, phobias, hyperactivity, nervousness and even lessening of the symptoms of Down’s Syndrome and Alzheimer’s. Patients report feeling more relaxed, happy and self-confident. Creativity is enhanced. Relationships improve. Learning becomes easier. Concentration, focus, mental and emotional clarity increase.

The variety and intensity of positive physical, mental and emotional effects from optimizing the body’s structure through NeuroCranial Restructuring is astounding. This demonstrates that the body’s structural integrity is far more important than we normally realize. Together with proper diet, exercise and rest, good structure is the key to the body, mind and emotions operating at their full potential. NeuroCranial Restructuring is the only therapy that moves the sphenoid bone and with it, the entire structure precisely and effectively. If we want to be the best we can be both individually and societally, receiving NeuroCranial Restructuring is the place to start.

Trisha Howell