NeuroCranial Restructuring Benefits for Sleep Apnea Sufferers

NeuroCranial Restructuring Benefits for Sleep Apnea Sufferers

For many years I had suffered from a strange set of problems EVERY NIGHT for which many doctors had a wide range of opinions but provided no solutions. I would wake up continually throughout the night, often choking and gasping for air to the point that it many times would propel me out of bed and onto the floor. Other times I would experience a short period of total paralysis upon awakening. The doctors had me see “specialists” who were unable to figure out what the problem was. The effects upon awakening also included extreme headaches and dizziness that were so debilitating that it made going to work each morning very difficult. Quite often I would not be able to go to work because it would take many hours until prescription drugs could relieved the problem.

In addition, I was told that I had a deviated septum.

In late 1995 I had a sleep study test where brain and breathing activity are monitored while I slept in a laboratory. The results were very bad. It showed the reason for all my problems. I had a condition called sleep apnea and would stop breathing about 40 times an hour, waking me up continuously. The “specialist” stated that my condition was serious and that I would have to sleep every night for the rest of my life hooked up to a machine that would keep me breathing while asleep. In addition, the “specialist” told me I would probably require surgery that would remove the soft palate area of my mouth.

I was told that people with this bad of a condition were at very serious risk if they did not listen to the experts. Fortunately, I discovered that most people who underwent the surgery still had the problem-minus the removed body parts. I refused that option. God gave us these body parts for a reason!

Also, I was very uncomfortable sleeping hooked up to this machine with a mask covering my face and all the attached tubes. So that was also out of the question. I was facing serious trouble and had no alternative.

Then, through Sam Biser’s “The Last Chance Health Letter,” I read about the treatments of Dr. Howell. It sure seemed to be a logical approach. He would treat the underlying CAUSE of the problem WITHOUT drugs, surgery, or negative side effects. This was both completely natural and entirely opposite of the “specialists” who only treat symptoms with drugs and surgery, and have a success rate which hovers around zero. (This is shown by the steadily increasing number of Americans whose lives are seriously impaired by this problem every day.)

I first saw Dr. Howell in March 1996. After the first set of his treatments, there was major improvement. During the following 6 weeks I had only a couple of episodes of the apnea and they were very minor. No more total paralysis or gasping for air. About two months after the first treatment I went again and at that point the problem was finally eliminated! Photographs taken before and after even show cosmetic changes.

It is now April 1998, more than two years later, and I no longer have any apnea problems. NeuroCranial Restructuring has resolved this terrible problem for good.

NOTE: Since then, I have tried to speak about this with my local sleep apnea group over at the local hospital. Unfortunately, the “sleep specialist”, who had a room full of people with breathing machines and masks and/or missing body parts, would not allow me a few words to tell others about this simple and natural technique. It appeared that his only intention was to perpetuate these peoples’ suffering and sell machines and surgery and was not interested in any way to relieve their never ending misery. I now believe many of today’s doctors need to be tested for a conscience.

Dr. Howell may not be well known, but if you ask ANY of his patients you would begin to realize his technique is something very special. While this treatment has about 5-10 seconds of pain for most people, (for the first few treatments), this may be its strongest testimony. Why would people continue to take time off from work and fly thousands of miles to experience painful treatments if not for the amazing results? The answer is that they receive improvement that no other technique could ever even come close to. His office is a much different doctor’s office, as people are improving and regaining their lives after years of suffering.

Phillip Rogers–Las Vegas, NV