Read and Listen To Business World’s Review of NeuroCranial Restructuring Benefits

Read and Listen To Business World’s Review of NeuroCranial Restructuring Benefits

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“This is Business World News.  With your hosts Mark Kriski and Teri Merryman, with Barrett Mason, Norm McBride, John El Coladil and Pat Matthews from our studios in Hollywood.  This is Business World News.”

Mark Kriski: “Welcome to today’s special spotlight on success edition of Business World News.  We go on locations around the world and behind closed doors to show what five select companies are doing to remain successful, innovative, and competitive during these uncertain times.”

Terri Merryman: “That’s right Mark.  Today we’ll shine our spotlight on an innovative company with an affordable solution for unhealthy indoor health quality.  We also show how a fast-growing long distance company can offer what appear to be the lowest rates in the country while still maintaining profitability.

We spotlight a 70-year-old manufacturer of gardening and landscaping equipment still considered to be the leading innovator.  We go online to demonstrate an amazing automated math tutor available only on the Internet which is raising children’s grades for a lot less than human tutors.  And we’ll spotlight a modern medical advance called NeuroCranial Restructuring that’s causing a major paradigm shift for conventional treatments for healing the body. ”

Mark Kriski: “These are our exciting topics for today covering health, home care, cutting phone bills, education, and medicine for this special spotlight on success edition of Business World News.  I’m Mark Kriski.

Terri Merryman: And I’m Teri Merryman.  Please stay tuned.”

Mark Kriski: “How many times have you gone to a doctor with a painful condition like sinusitis, migraines or low back pain?  Subjected to a host of expensive screening tests and then put on different trials of medication only to have minimal if any relief from your pain?”

Terri Merryman: “Well you know Mark, conventional medicine can help many people who suffer from a variety of illnesses or ailments, but there are medical conditions that do not always resolve with standard or conventional medical treatments.  Our reporter Norm McBride is here to tell us about NeuroCranial Restructuring, a dynamic approach to treating these conditions.”

Norm McBride: “In traditional natural medicine, physicians guide patients in hygienic living by the use of pure food, water, exercise and deep breathing.  They also treat infections with herbs, nutritional deficiencies with vitamins and minerals, and detoxify patients exposed to metals, chemicals and other toxins.

Patients receiving physical medicine including massage, physical therapy and osteopathic or chiropractic spinal manipulations are often disappointed with short-term relief of symptoms rather than long-term results. ”

Patient Testimonial: “When I first saw Dr. Howell I’d had chronic fatigue syndrome for 6 ½ years.”

Patient Testimonial: “I was suffering from stage three scoliosis my whole life, and I had problems with posture, tightness in the chest.”

Patient Testimonial: “I had a lot of pressure like somebody was squeezing my head all the time.  You know, I had a vice grip on my head.”

Patient Testimonial: “And I tried chiropractor work, Rolfing, many different modalities but they would never hold.”

Patient Testimonial: “Well, when he performed the technique the migraine was gone. After just a couple of treatments, my brain function cleared up.  I didn’t have that foggy brain problem anymore.”

Patient Testimonial: “It was the first night in my life that I can remember where I went to bed with no head pressure.”

Patient Testimonial: “I felt great.  I’m feeling great.  It was the third most powerful experience in my life.”

Norm McBride: “NeuroCranial Restructuring represents the next medical leap in healing techniques.  It offers a manipulation process that unwinds the body and allows it to gradually return to its original and optimal design.

Your doctor will analyze the patterns of balance and determine what areas of your skull need to be unlocked.  This process of unlocking allows the release of actual tension and moves the bony parts of your skull and consequently the whole skeletal system back to the body’s most stable and symmetrical position.”

Dr. Dean Howell, ND: “The three components central to good health are….you can look it as a tripod.  The first tripod that most people are aware of is to worry about their lifestyle.  How much fat they consume, proteins, carbohydrates, perhaps using vitamins, minerals, nutriceuticals and this is a very important aspect but it isn’t enough.”

Dr. Dean Howell, ND: “The next is to be concerned with chemical and electromagnetic field exposures.  This is when we worry about, mercury, DDT, microwave radiation, and this too is important but it is not enough.

The third is the most ignored aspect and this is physical structure.  When we start working with physical structure in a way that permanently changes structure we see the nervous system optimized.  Sometimes changing lifestyle will make a difference.”

“So people can make changes in their lifestyle and actually see changes in their postural patterns.  But most of the time it is insufficient. Where there is a change of lifestyle, you will not see changes in physical structure.”

Norm McBride: “Does a person sometimes need actual structural repairs in order to heal?”

Dr. Dean Howell, ND: “In my model, the three components of health, the ignored part is the physical aspects.  They must be dealt with or else we do not see changes in nervous system function.

Norm McBride: “How does NeuroCranial Restructuring specifically address the needed structural changes and what does this ultimately impact?”

Dr. Dean Howell, ND:  “With NeuroCranial Restructuring, with NeuroCranial Restructuring as we call it, we start making changes in the shape and position of the bones in the skull.  These changes in the skull allow the connective tissues inside the skull that are under chronic tension rather like springs when these bones unlock and the joints around the sphenoid bone in particular, in the center of the head, that connective tissue works like a spring and your head shape begins to change.

As the head shape changes, the head balances differently on top of the spine and the spine and through that the pelvis and legs and even the feet change shape because they’re primarily there to hold up your head.”

Norm McBride: “Dr. Howell has revolutionized the world of natural medicine by perfecting the ultimate cranial and musculoskeletal therapy known as NeuroCranial Restructuring.  Since 1982 he has been optimizing this technique and his success has now led him to create certification programs for physicians and other allied health professionals so that this therapy can be accessible to patients all across the nation.”

Norm McBride: “If you look at a model of a skull, you realize that this red bone here is the basic bone sometimes called a sphenoid bone.  The point is that this red bone is touching all of these other green bones so it’s the center part of the big jigsaw puzzle of your skull.  And with difficult birth, falls, sports injuries, blows to the head, these things that we think nothing of often without any medical attention we get better, but these can adjust the position of the basic bone.

And then all these other bones around it have to readjust because it’s a jigsaw puzzle.  So with NeuroCranial Restructuring, a very simple technique of putting a balloon in through the nose, we bump this basic bone and allow all of these bones in the jig saw puzzle of the head. All the green ones are touching that basic bone.

We allow then a readjustment to a more normal structural anatomy.  The result can be absolutely fantastic because when that basic bone is out of alignment you tend to tilt and twist and bend your head which means your neck and then your back, and all the way down your structure you change yourself because of the importance of this one bone.

Norm McBride: “During an initial session, your doctor will examine you and test your body for balance related patterns. Only certain specific areas of your body need to be treated during each therapy session.

After using some specialized massage techniques and placing you in a special position, endonasal balloons are inserted through your nostril and into the top of your throat.  The doctor then squeezes the bulb inflating the balloon, which expands the skull and releases specific joints in the head.

The ultimate goal is to shift a small but powerful bone in the center of the skull called the sphenoid bone which will in turn release the connective tissue and permit further structural change.

A series of four treatments each lasting 30 minutes is recommended for the first series.  Most individuals benefit from 3 to 6 series’ of therapy.”

Patient Testimonial: “After Dr. Howell worked on me several series I was not able – not only able to stand up straight and didn’t have pain in my neck anymore, but I discovered that the S-curve in my back had disappeared, and I was about an inch and a half taller than I had been before.”

Norm McBride: “What makes NeuroCranial Restructuring different from all other therapies?  It is currently the only physical medicine technique that routinely expects to produce rapid, permanent and cumulative changes to the skull, spine, pelvis and nervous system.  The use of balance testing ensures the precise targeting of the treatment and the assurance of continual improvement to your system’s overall performance.  After treatment over time the skull and spine will continue to move into their natural intended and most stable positions.”

Trained Doctor Testimonial: “I was skeptical when I first found out about NeuroCranial Restructuring, because I thought something this simple shouldn’t be this effective.  But indeed it’s quite easy to understand.  You’re allowing the nervous system itself to work much better.  So for instance I have noticed and several of our patients have noticed much clearly eyesight, much better hearing, much better rest, more mental alertness, just fewer distresses and disabling symptoms that people complain of through life.”

Dr. Dean Howell, ND: “The first benefit is that the structure starts to optimize, so we see changes in the shape of the spine in particular. So we treat spinal conditions like the whiplash syndromes, hunchback, swayback, scoliosis. And, then we start seeing changes in the mechanical function of the skull. So we work with the TMJ or TMD-type conditions.”

Dr. Dean Howell, ND: “We work with chronic sinusitis. We work with nasal breathing problems and sleep apnea, double vision. We’ve had success with glaucoma.  We’ve had success with vertigo and balance problems. Sometimes we’ll work with Meniere’s disease.”

Dr. Dean Howell, ND: “We see changes in dental occlusion patterns. So, in that way we work very tightly with an orthodontist. And, we can make their work more powerful and more long-lasting so that children and adults don’t need to wear retainers after their orthodonture is complete.”

Dr. Dean Howell, ND: “We work with migraines with the greatest success of any technique I’ve ever seen.  We also work with epilepsy.  Many kinds of epileptic seizures can be treated mechanically.  We work with learning disabilities like dyslexia, hyperactivity, and psychiatric conditions like depression.”

Patient Testimonial: “I just feel alive, and I have no depression.  And my pain is gone, and I sleep at night.”

Dr. Dean Howell, ND: “As the head shape changes we see changes in jaw function so that the jaw joints work more smoothly.  We’ll see changes in vision and depth perception because the eye sockets become more symmetrical.  We’ll see changes in the way that breathing is performed through the nose.  We’ll see changes in the sinuses and how they drain.  And I think most importantly we’ll have changes in the way that blood and cervical spine fluid flow in the skull. ”

Patient Testimonial: “After the treatment I noticed my vision was clearer.  Everything looked brighter.”

Patient Testimonial: “I could see better.  I could hear better.  I could run faster.  You just feel great. You feel younger.

Patient Testimonial: “My hearing was more defined.  I could hear things better.”

Patient Testimonial: “It was like my brain functioning went from a Pentium I to a Pentium IV.”

Norm McBride: “You’ll also notice that the structure of the face is directly attached to that basic bone, and so if these bones shift and readjust, you can look better, because these bones are the ones that allow you to have your facial features.”

Patient Testimonial: “My cheekbones are higher and the skin is pulled tighter.  I have fewer lines.  And my face has become more oval so actually I look younger now than I did three years ago when I first had treatment.  And I feel younger.”

Dr. Dean Howell, ND: “NeuroCranial Restructuring is an outgrowth of my frustration with physical medicine. I’m a naturopathic physician by training and licensing.  And I’ve used techniques that go back to the 1920s and the 1930s.  I was trained by men that had been in practice 30 – 40 – 50 years and were using these traditional therapies and they did not work to my satisfaction.

And my patients came to me frustrated with the inability to treat their conditions when they’d seen chiropractors, osteopaths, physical therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists. They continued to have physical complaints and these therapies evidently were treating the symptoms rather than treating the cause of why these conditions occurred.”

Patient Testimonial: “If it hadn’t been for his treatment I just don’t know where I’d be today because I would not be able to work.”

Patient Testimonial: “There is no other structural physical medicine that’s as powerful as this.”

Norm McBride: “If you’re looking for a technique that optimizes the functioning of both the brain and body, as well as an approach that treats the source of many symptoms, then NeuroCranial Restructuring might be that treatment.  And since it offers cumulative benefits as well as almost immediate pain reduction, NeuroCranial Restructuring can contribute to prolonged and balanced health.  As always, do consult with your own personal physician before embarking on any new treatment plan.  This is Norm McBride for Business World News.  Now back to you.

Mark Kriski: “This sounds like the next generation of natural therapies.  I’m truly impressed, especially with the changes in the faces and the postures of the patients.

Terri Merryman: “Absolutely Mark.  And it certainly beats surgery or long-term medication.  Now if you’re interested in further information, go online, or write to NeuroCranial Restructuring, P.O. Box 448, Tonasket, Washington, 98855 for an information packet.”

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