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Our Foods Help Your Health

Do you miss food from the bakery?

Maybe you can’t eat there anymore—you’re too fat, or you don’t eat sugar, or you need to be gluten-free–the point is the food from the bakery is what you crave, but can’t have!

Imagine the ultimate health situation for a bakery lover.

You go into the bakery and are surrounded by bread, muffins, chocolates, candies, drinks—and the store owner tells you to eat as much as you want because the foods can’t hurt you: in fact they will help you to get healthier.

This isn’t a dream anymore! 

Welcome to the bakery where EVERYTHING is SAFE, EVERYTHING is HEALTHY. You can eat as MUCH AS YOU WANT and the only things that will happen are good—the foods taste wonderful and familiar, and are very satisfying. People rarely have any adverse reaction (unlike regular bakery food), so no belching, bloating, burning, etc. 

Don’t you often regret the temporary high you get from bakery foods? Maybe you have given them up because the side effects are just not worth it? 

Rebecca’s bread and sweets are really different–they taste fabulous and digest well, and they add to your health (with no carbohydrates and super high soluble fiber levels). And afterwards, you will feel full and poop more, too. 

That’s it. You won’t secrete insulin from high blood sugar. You won’t get a gluten reaction and then bloat. You won’t get a sugar high and then crash. You won’t get a chemical headache. You won’t get a caffeine rush. 

It sounds impossible. It has always been impossible.

Until now!

Announcing our new Dame Rebecca Bakery products!

Now you can have amazing chocolate and vanilla muffins that rival top bakeries but are healthy for you! Our foods have no gluten, no grain, bean, or nut flours, no weird chemicals, and are a rich source of protein and healthy fats. 

Missing bread? We have loaf bread and sandwich buns that are filled with Suncoco oil, baking powder, eggs, and our own flour, Radatti’s Magic Flour, a healthy alternative to flour that has no fat, no protein, no carbohydrate, no gluten, no possible allergenicity, and abundant soluble fiber

Following a ketogenic diet? Radatti’s Magic Flour is nearly all soluble fiber—any carbohydrates in your food are bound into the Flour’s soluble fiber so you have very low or no net carbs!

We sweeten our desserts with SweetHart, our blend of erythritol and monk fruit. We feature SweetHart in all of our desserts, and plan to use it exclusively soon. (Sometimes our chocolate chips have sucrose (or Lilly’s chocolate chips with stevia) because we await the manufacture of our own SweetHart sweetened chocolate chips). 

It will not affect the nutritional value of the food significantly because the Magic Flour has so much soluble fiber that all of the carbs Rebecca added are absorbed—leaving you with NO net carbs. Dr. Howell recommends eating these baked foods with your meals to absorb your regular carbohydrates, making sure that you will stay in ketosis. 

The rather dangerous fat binder capsules people used to take to avoid weight gain are trumped here: our foods bind your glucose carbohydrates safely so your blood sugar remains stable. No insulin secretion will be happening with Dame Rebecca Bakery Products. Diabetic safe! 

We bake it for you after you place your order! 

See what we make?