Nutrients and Supplements that Work

As professionals in the alternative healing field, both Dr. Howell and Rebecca are intimately aware of the widespread use and belief in nutritional supplementation. The truth is that most naturopathic physicians and nutritionists depend on your purchases of supplements from them to financially survive. When Dr. Howell had a large clinic, payments for his services were enough to pay for his office and employees. It was the laboratory and supplement sales that paid for his home and lifestyle!

Dr. Howell and Rebecca will not prescribe supplements to you to support their lives. They also do not believe in dependance on supplementation to maintain health. Dr. Howell, in particular, emphasizes the lack of nutritional deficiencies in stone age diets that is not mirrored by modern diets. Stone age people were healthier than us and did not take any pills. Their dietary patterns avoided carbohydrates. The emphasis of our diets must be the avoidance of insulin secretion. More on that elsewhere.

CoDS, then, will not recommend or even carry typical multivitamins or similar food supportives. If you have no carbohydrates in your diet, you are unlikely to need Vitamin C or a chewable multivitamin/mineral tablet. 

What do we think you should get, instead?

We think you should get supplements that work. This means that these have to be effective at treatment of causes of health problems, not symptoms. We carry products that we have experienced as being effective: to clean your organs, kill infections, kill parasites, remove heavy metals, and more. 

The healers of CoDS have developed products and technologies that create the results that we dreamed of as children.

We have found many products that other companies have developed. These products are all sold on our public store site, www.theessenceoflife.com. There are some of our CoDS developed products there, especially the Vaxxinators and the Modern Injection Side Effects Kits. However, the majority of our supplements are best sold in the Church Store, where we don’t have FDA and FCC regulations to limit our choice of ingredients.

Our most effective anti-parasitics, antifungals, and the remedies that cure assorted chemical, biological, and injected agents are all not classified as GRAS rated. We just won't share these ingredients and formulas with the public! That means that you will need to spend $50 a year to see everything we’ve got!