Homeopathy, Radionics, and Healing

At the Church of Divine Structure (CoDS), we specialize in healing. This is really different from offering treatments. Think about it—treatments vs. healing.

If you go to a Cabinet Builder, then you expect no roofing or plumbing services to be offered. When you go to a selected health professional, in our modern medical treatment commerce system, the person can only offer you treatments from the techniques that he or she is permitted to offer you. So you are only offered treatment, regardless of the choice your health care provider might have made if there were no restrictions on his/her choices. 

More than that, the therapist may not have an interest in healing you. If, for instance, you came to a practitioner complaining of a headache, there are many treatments to offer for immediate relief, and there are treatments for the chronic causes. Then again are the possibilities of healing the headache. 

We are interested in healing you, and the headaches will then be no more. Focusing on treatment of the headache and ignoring or not emphasizing your various causations is a way of hurting you by looking at your complaints too intently. We want to give you relief as your healing progresses, but not so much that the healing is slowed too much from our desire to relieve the symptoms.

Much of healing happens without our intervention. When we restore lifestyle and environment, changes happen effortlessly. But the rest of the healing that is not simple and effortless  requires understanding and perseverance. 

Human diets and nutrition were unchanged for thousands or millions of years. Human populations were very small, and moved about the earth in synchronicity with the seasons and the weather. We never had diseases such as heart disease, neurological disease, cancer, or diabetes. We rarely, if ever, had exposure to chemicals, heavy metals, or even carbohydrate foods. Our illnesses were infections, fevers, colds, influenza, freezing, starving, etc. 

We didn’t farm. We didn’t live in houses. We didn’t eat carbohydrates like grains like wheat, rye, barley, or rice. We didn't eat starchy vegetables like potatoes, yams, corn, and beans. 

When we don’t eat carbohydrate foods, we don’t get diseases like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. When we don’t get exposed to heavy metals and chemicals, then we don’t get neurological diseases. Ancient peoples never got these conditions until they lived in houses and communities.

As long as the people lived with their herd animals and moved about in tents and caves with the seasons, then they were free of chronic diseases. But even then, the tribe needed to treat their aches and pains, and they needed healing. Most tribes (really extended families) needed a “healer” who mixed treatments with healing. There were others, sometimes called witch doctors, who would communicate with the universe psychically to find emotional or mental ways of curing the condition rather than focusing on treatments. 

What we are doing here at CoDS is somewhere in the middle. We are utilizing advanced methods of hands-on healing and bodywork, intuitive (psychic) nutritional guidance, energy treatment techniques, and healing conversation. 

The original energy treatment technique in European medical circles was a method which focused on making oral medications which were very diluted—yet with the healing energy enhanced. It was prescribed based on the similarity of symptoms between the patient and the medication’s signatures. Known as homeopathy, it  was first developed in the 1800s. The original homeopathics began as substances, whether animal, plant, or mineral, etc., which were substances that were palpable, physical and measurable. They were then prepared via dilution and potentization to intensify the healing energy. What that means, in modern terms, is that homeopathy was the first energy medicine. The methodology of preparing the medication was to sequentially dilute and potentize (shake or oscillate) it into a medicine that was so diluted that little or nothing of the original substance remained. It was a purely energetic form. 

Homeopathy always seemed to be rather mysterious, because the high potency remedies were so highly diluted that there were no molecules of the original substance left. That made no sense to most of us. No molecules means that there is nothing there anymore, right? The complaints of the fraudulence of homeopathy by the scientific community were silenced in the 1980s by a Lancet (British Medical Association Journal) when a sample of Arsenicum album (white arsenic powder) was diluted  in ethyl alcohol (1 part arsenic to 99 parts ethyl alcohol), then percussed or potentized, then this method was repeated for a total of 30 times. 

The medicine was given in small amounts to hay fever sufferers, and the medicine worked, relieving their immediate symptoms during the first two weeks and giving lasting results! There were no molecules of arsenic left in the medicine tablets, only energy remained and treated the volunteers successfully. 

Despite all of the original bad press, times have changed: many people now routinely use OTC homeopathy as remedies for colds and flu. Some people, even roday, consult homeopathic physicians, but their success rates are much lower than in the past because the government banned the development of new homeopathic remedies over 80 years ago.. 

Dr. Dean Howell was once such a consultant in the 1980s when he built a radionically-based homeopathy practice. 



In the 1920s, scientists led by Dr. Abrams of Stanford University developed devices to analyze and treat subtle energies from and to bodies. During the 1930s and 1940s, T. Galen Hieronymus, (Dr. Howell’s teacher), patented his designs for eloptic energy treatment machines. These machines could be used for both analysis and treatment. Time has shown us that radionic machines are limited only by the thinking of their operators. Infinity is the limit. 

The initial machines used electrical resistors wired together in a manner not like electrical circuits. Galen Hieronymus changed his machines to capacitors. The newest base 10 machines also use non-electrical wiring of electrical style components. 

What they all do is the same thing: they are thought encrypters and amplifiers. Without a trained mind, these machines do not operate. When you wish to find a particular chemical or substance, you learn the pattern of dial settings to make it easy for your trained mind to find the item. These dial settings are not arbitrary. All of us who are trained will find the same dial settings work best for the testing. 

There are two general platforms for radionics machines: the Hieronymus machines and the Base 10 machines. Since they are both based on thought, both designs work equally well—with the proper thought-forms, no box is required, just the perfected thought inside your brain. The machines are to make it easier. 

There are no Hieronymus machines manufactured anymore from a lack of the World War II-era parts. The Base 10 machines have been modernized from the 1920s era designs up to the present by our friend, colleague, and expert designer, Peter Radatti. His new designs have stronger boxes and are more powerful than the older era radionic machines. His machines are made for us by hand in Pennsylvania.

Peter Radatti is the world’s best-selling author regarding Radionics. He has written a three-book Radionics Course that you can buy on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Fun-Course-Beginning-Radionics-Mastering/dp/1542419972. He has been the world’s best radionics writer and equipment designer for some time now. 

We decided that his books and amazing designs deserved their own showcase: Radatti Radionics features the world’s best radionics designs and the world’s most powerful machines! 

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If you study Radionics, you will find out that you can save your healing rates in number codes that you can dial on your machine to treat your desired targets, or you can infuse the same information into crystals or water and wear the crystals on your body or drink small amounts of the water. 

We found the therapeutic radionic waters to be so useful that we call them “Prayer Waters” because there have been many times that these remedies have been the answer to our prayers. 

Earlier it was mentioned that the government stopped homeopathic research studies in the 1930s. There was no way to develop new medicines to address new chemicals and new technology that created new conditions—traditional medication can treat new conditions?

What they found out was that, no, traditional mediations like homeopathic medicines and botanicals do not treat the diseases and conditions created by the new technologies and chemicals of the modern era.

Since the government agencies stopped creative healers from developing new healing agents. At first, the underground pharmacies tried to make traditional homeopathic remedies out of the new chemicals of the modern world. But they found that those remedies were too toxic for humans to ingest orally, even when highly diluted. When they thought about it more, homeopathic remedies have energetic signatures, and radionic rates were digital representations of energetic signatures, too, so they started creating these digital remedies psychically—and sometimes they worked! The designers have a new industry–the sell their copyrighted healing remedies that they can uniquely manufacture. Big Pharma can try to make their own, but they need the psychics to do it. 

Somebody figured this out a few years ago and the era of radionically enhanced wearables, consumable, and ingestible therapeutics. We are getting very involved with this. Only a few of these remedies will be released in The Essence of Life store. But hundreds of remedies are being released in the Church Store, available for Church members only. 

If you have chosen to work with Dr. Howell and Rebecca, then they will help you select the best selection of Prayer Waters in the best sequence order. Or you can choose your own and follow your own protocol. Prayer Waters are $65 a pint, or 8 pints for $400, the typical dosage required to treat most conditions completely.

We can also use these same Prayer Water rates and infuse these energies into jewelry and other solid objects that need to be kept in close contact with your body to get the same, albeit weaker, therapeutic effects that the Prayer Waters have.

We can also custom design a therapeutic combination of Prayer Waters or Prayer Jewelry for you to address your major health concerns.

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