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We have the best water treatment method in the world. It has been around for years, and everybody else tries to copy the results seen with Grander Technology.

Tired of EMFs in your house?

With Grander technology treating the household water supply, we have witnessed a 99% decrease in the EMF field strength without any devices attached to the electrical or wireless systems. The Grander dvices make all of these wonderful changes in the EMF fields by repairing the damaged water molecules, not treating the air.

These repaired water molecules do everything better: better health in the people, healthier and faster growing irrigated plants, fewer plating minerals to damage water pipes in your house, neutralization of microwave toxins, and EMFs are made soluble and nontoxic.

Grander technology is the original method to create structured water. All of the other methods of developing structured water try to duplicate the results that Johannes Grander created–and they have failed. 

How does water technology have these profound results? 

Read the scientific explanations here www.grander.com. 

Here is a simpler explanation: The Grander family gets ultrapure water from their spring inside their Austrian mine and enhance it with their proprietary technology. The perfected water is placed within the Grander devices, and these water molecules broadcast a signal through the metal or glass the sample is housed within, and water molecules nearby perfect their structure and dampen EMFs in the immediate area. 

Typical water pipes in homes and offices have a zone of protection that radiates 10 feet from the pipe. 

The personal Grander devices, being smaller, have a less powerful effect but still protect our bodies from the EMFs very well.

Recently Dr. Howell met with Les Jamison, the leading 5G cell phone tower opponent in Manhattan. They met on the sidewalk outside Rebecca’s old storefront at 451 6th Avenue, Brooklyn. Les brought a Gaussmeter to measure cell phone and wireless field strengths.

They stood on the sidewalk and looked at the buildings up and down 6th Avenue. Only Rebecca’s building did not have a 5G tower. 

Les turned on the Gaussmeter. It immediately showed readings of 16,000 to 21,000 on its face. I asked Les how high the reading has to be for a cell phone to work properly? He answered 6…yes, only 6. These wireless signals from the towers were 3000 times the minimum strength needed to make a call!

Les walked into the old store, and the reading dropped to 180 and 160 in the front of the store, and only 60 in the back of the store. 

Les walked back outside, and the readings were again 16,000 to 21,000. A reduction of the EMF field strengths of wireless networks and cell phone networks of over 99%, and our only explanation for this—the Grander technology that we installed on our building’s water pipes does dampen the EMFs nearby! 
You see, our building is Brooklyn-style narrow. The water and heating pipes have a protected zone of a 10-foot diameter around each pipe. That coverage doesn’t reach to the sidewalk in front of our store, but it does protect all of the areas in our building. And the meters prove it.

Recently, a man with a gaussmeter sat in our Okanogan County, Washington home near a node box from our wireless network. The readings were not in the thousands, and would be expected. They were again only in the 60s. Besides our plumbing pipes, our house has radiant heating throughout ir’s floors, so these results are expected. Again, a huge decrease in the strength of the signals.

In the 1980s, there was a nuclear disaster in the Ukraine part of Russia. Radiation went all over the world after the accident. It was publicly proclaimed that it would be 10,000 to 20,000 years before the radiation would decrease enough that it would be safe for people again.

The Russian government contacted Johannes Grander, an Austrian engineer and inventor, and requested that he make Grander Technology devices to treat the radiation. He agreed, designed and manufactured the devices, and then used map dowsing skills to determine the precise locations to install his equipment. Then he sent all of the equipment to Russia–without leaving his home in Austria!

Less than a year later, the Russian people began moving back into Chernobyl. Now you can go there as a tourist! Johannes Grander is the only foreign scientist to be given the Silver Star for Science achievement in the history of Russia!

How does Grander Technology do all of that? The Grander devices treat the water molecules!

What do we mean? The Grander family still does all of the manufacturing (old Johannes is dead). They take water from the Stephanie Spring, located down in the family’s mine shaft, boost the water;s energy with proprietary methods, then the water is placed inside Grander devices. 

When this ultra pure, special high energy water comes near other water molecules, the new water molecules adapt to the pure water’s superior structure when it feels the influence of the Grander water’s energy fields.

That means that no contact of the purified water needs to occur. The Grander devices will never wear out. They have nothing to clean, You place them, and they work–forever.

We have one in our house. We have a well, then store water in a storage tank. Then the water goes through filtration. After the filtration we have a single metal box, about a 4-inch X 7 inch rectangle. It is threaded on two sides. Our plumbing is threaded onto the two sides of the cube. The water flows through, and all of our well water gets “Granderized” as it pases through the cubical metal box. 

As the water flows through the pipes in the house, the house becomes protected. Every pipe that carries Grander treated water neutralizes 99% of all EMFs (from cell phones, wireless network, etc.) that are found within a 10 foot radius circle around each water pipe. In our buildings, coincidentally having water radiation for heat, means that all of the water pipes give us great saturation of protection by the Grander device’s protective fields. 

Grander has additional benefits: 


  • Grander water gradually dissolves mineral coatings and films from pipes and plumbing.
  • Grander Blue full strength water will heal many conditions by itself.
  • Plants grow faster when watered with Grander treated water. The usual claim is a 50% increase in growth and size.
  • If you wear a small Grander device on or very near your body (In your pocket, etc.), then EMFs will not be toxic to you.
  • If you take a small Grander device and place it in your plate of food or stir your beverage with it will convert the water there into Grander water. This is a great way to improve tap water!
  • We took celery hearts from the grocery store, and cut two pieces of celery, sticking them with toothpicks and mounting them on identical water glasses filled with Brooklyn tap water. One was on a Grander board, the other on the kitchen counter. Three days later, the control celery was limp and turning brown. The Grander celery was sprouting!
  • German research showed that Grander detoxified the microwave toxins (produced in food heated with microwaves). It stopped the degeneration of the food nutrients normally a process associated with microwaving food.

There are large and small Grander devices. 

There are three kinds of small devices: glass pendants, metal Penergizers, metal Keychains, and boards. The pendants, keychain, and Penergizer all have the same strength. The boards are finished like a wooden cutting board, but should not be used as a cutting board. The small boards have more strength than the Penergizers, and the large boards are stronger still. All Grander devices feature ultra pure Grander water samples within. Then the water creates the Grander effect, making the area immediately nearby EMF safe. If you wear the device on your body (on a necklace, in a pocket, etc.), then your body is protected from EMFs. And the water molecules in your body will be healed too. 

These metal Grander devices can also be used to decontaminate water, foods, medicines, or other stuff by tapping the metal on a hard surface like rock or metal to make the device vibrate. Then place the Grander Penergizer or keychain in the food. Stir your beverages with them. You will immediately taste the improvement. 

The boards are easily used to treat or decontaminate plates of food. People place a large Grander board on top of a microwave, and the microwave radiation is decontaminated before the foods are removed from the oven. People will sit on a Grander board to treat their blood and to lower the emf effects from their desktop computers and other devices they may be using that emit emf’s. This is stronger than keeping a Penergizer or keychain in your pocket or wearing it on a necklace. 

The larger devices are whole house treatment devices. They are sized based on the size of the water pipe it is to be placed on. The water pipes will range from ½’ to  our house’s size at ¾” up to 4” Grander devices for a large apartment house. Fiji water uses huge Grander devices to make the water taste so fresh and to keep the water from going stale. 

Grander devices can never get clogged or dirty. They can only be damaged by very strong magnets such as a magnet strong enough to pick up a car or outright destruction by crushing, melting, etc. This means that your Grander treatment device will last for hundreds of years!

 It is important that you get your Grander devices now, before they aren’t available. Only the Grander family makes these devices. It is a family secret. Rebecca was chosen to be the US distributor by Johannes Grander himself. 

We are honored to be the US distributor of this amazing technology.

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