Covid Side Effects’ Treatment Kits

We can offer a cure for the current "vaccines" because of the stalwart efforts of some dedicated ex-NASA scientists. Few people have read on Moderna's website that their experimental gene therapy includes "injectable, programmable technology." These are small computer chips which can perform joint jobs intracellularly are controllable wirelessly. This earned them the name of nano-sized robots aka nanobots. NASA scientists used nanobots to monitor astronauts' body functions over 30 years ago! With radionics, our limitations are those imposed by our minds, so these wonderful men have developed technology that has worked on everyone who has used it for the past 30 months. Just wear your bracelet (it can be a necklace or held next to your body, take a teaspoon of your 2 Prayer Waters 2 or 3 times daily, and get no more jabs and you will be fine!