Church of Divine Structure is a national private membership association founded in 2001 that was registered as a church in Puerto Rico in 2018. Its registered status is outside the legal jurisdiction and authority of the United States of America, Inc., which is the corporation delivering governmental services within the united states of America, our country and original government. When you come to see us for our healing services, you become (at least a temporary) member of our Church. When you request healing services from us, and we are all members of the Church of Divine Structure, then we can perform any procedure or use any equipment for any reason that we agree upon. This is both lawful and legal.

To repeat: a legal and lawful church or other private membership association is normally set up to be outside the legal jurisdiction of our current corporate federal and state governments. This means that, when you agree to join our Church, then we can legally and lawfully perform any methods of treatment and healing that we agree upon.

All over the world, other members of the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope (Dr. Howell and Rebecca’s fellow healers) are performing surgery, dental treatments, electrodermal treatments, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture treatments, treatments for wrinkle removal, and many other treatments–without governmental supervision and interference. After all, why should a state bureaucrat be able to tell you and me what we should be able to use to heal you?

Instead of a naturopathic medical clinic that can only operate in the State of Washington, Dr. Howell and Rebecca work within the protection of the Church of Divine Structure, Priory #175 of the Church of Hope, a member of the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church and registered in Puerto Rico.


Dr. Howell discovered in the 1980s that the problem with medical clinics is that they are under governmental regulation. He had his license revoked in 1989 for administering Vitamin B-12 shots to laboratory proven people with anemia! It was a purely technical law violation that had no asis for consumer protection. Similarly, your healthcare practitioner has strictly defined limitations on the methods, medications, and even the equipment used. Dr. Howell lost his license and was declared by the prosecutor to be a public menace for injecting vitamin B-12.



He realized that it was a matter for governmental control of medications, equipment, and/or training for the people to heal. Regardless of the training and skills of the practitioner. Regardless of the nature of the emergency! So, within the current medical system, all that these poor practitioners can do is to offer only their specific special treatments–and hope that you get better.



When did this happen? It is a sad tale that goes back more than one hundred years.:



In the early 1900s, the big corporations and newspapers began publicizing medical failures and malpractice, blaming poorly trained and under-educated physicians or outright frauds. They required improved sciences and facilities. These laws, enacted to protect consumers, closed more than one hundred medical schools. They lacked the money to make the upgrades. Only the medical schools that were funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and others survived. Then the ever-helpful financiers took over the choice of curriculum and faculty members. The schools that failed believed in traditional medical training and therapies. The early 1900s was when the prescribing of homeopathic and herbal medicines disappeared from America. By 1950, The Samuel Hahnemann School of Medicine, founded for homeopathic treatment and training, named for the developer of homeopathy, no longer had any homeopathic practitioner of any sort!



When Dr. Howell entered medical school in 1978, there were few teachers available to teach any of these odd, old subjects. Homeopathy, botanical medicines, acupuncture, or even massage teachers were nearly impossible to find teachers. And those available were often incompetent. The greatest homeopaths in the world, at the time when homeopathic treatment was often the best therapy available, were Americans. Dr. Howell considers himself fortunate to have studied with a few men who were the bridge from the knowledge from schools before the purge of the medical schools of the early 1900s..



Medicine is now commerce. Instead of communities supporting doctors living and working for the betterment of the community, now a doctor is expected to run a business, charging money for his/her time providing treatment. In order to be paid by most people in our society, the doctor accepts the process of licensing, liability insurance, and registration for taxation and acceptance of medical insurance. Once your doctor has accepted all of this,then the State bureaucrats and insurance bookkeepers can define and decide which treatments and therapies can be utilized and the location, too. This means that the bureaucrats can keep most people chronically ill by refusing to pay for treatment of the causes of the conditions being treated.



The Staff of the Church of Divine Structure has amazing people of ability!
[We will be adding larger articles and pictures of the ministers and deacons soon. For now, just the brief listings will suffice.]
The Very Reverend Dr. Dean Howell, ND–Our Leader!
Dame Reverend Rebecca Hart Malter
Knight Reverend Peter Radatti
Deacon Zac Mascolo
Deacon Rome Mascolo
Deacon Juan Abi
Deacon Alan Malter
Deacon Jerry Bujarski
Deacon Giona Corso-Winks
Deacon Diane Grey