The first time you schedule, you call or email Derek Howell in our front office. After that, CoDS members can schedule online. The first time you meet with Dr Howell and Rebecca, Derek will add at least 20 minutes’ consultation time so that Dr. Howell and Rebecca can learn about your history and they can explain a little about the treatment strategies they want to use with you.

If you don’t wish to schedule yourself, call Derek at (888) 252-0411. Be sure to decide which days you want!

Before you can make an appointment, you must decide which dates you want treatment. Here are the dates and locations:

Next, decide how much time you want to schedule with
Dr. Howell and Rebecca:

Consultation with Dr. Howell and Rebecca can be in person or on the phone/video. The first visit they will talk with you about your history and treatment. You can schedule with them at other times. Then you can choose the topics of your consultation. There are no limits here!

All their healing services are computed at an hourly fee of $600. At their discretion, Dr. Howell and Rebecca can lower the fee when they see you. Nobody else is authorized to give treatment discounts. Highly disabled individuals with financial problems usually receive a 33% discount.

Dr. Howell’s NCR treatments have better results when treatments are scheduled in clusters. For traveling convenience, Dr. Howell and Rebecca work 4-day treatment series. This is because they have found a 4-day treatment series produces great results. But extended treatments (such as Howelling and energetic point holding) do not require the treatment clusters as the NCR does. Select your treatment schedule wisely!

Infants and Toddlers need 10 minutes for a treatment ($100). Get more time if the family wants to talk with Dr/. Howell and Rebecca

Children need 20 minutes for a treatment ($200). Once again, more time if the child or his/her parents want to talk a lot.

Adolescents and Adults need at least 30 minutes for a treatment ($300).

The limit is to book up to 240 minutes of treatment in a day ($2400). What do we do with the extended time? This is the time used for Howelling treatments and Rebecca’s energy treatments. These longer treatment sessions create many of the amazing stories you will hear of melting scars and adhesions with hands, resetting the nervous system energetically, and other, more seemingly impossible tales.

Once you have decided your treatment length, select the day you want to schedule, and make sure that the location at the top of the Schedule page is the correct location you wish to see Dr. Howell and Rebecca. Then, find the right appointment time for you. Choose the block of time you want. Select.

Then proceed with the sign-up process. Dr. Howell and Rebecca are travelling to you for your treatment(s). They will be there, and they expect you to appear, too. Your appointment will be guaranteed with your payment of the treatment with a debit card, credit card, PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. If something comes up and you cannot make it, contact Derek in the front office immediately. You can reschedule your appointment up to 7 days before your appointment. If you want to cancel, and you let us know 14 days before your appointment, then you will get a 100% refund of your fees. If you let us know of your cancellation at least 7 days ahead, then you get a 50% refund. Otherwise, we keep your deposit.

If you are hospitalized or are in a car accident, etc., then we will postpone your appointment to another day if you contact us immediately (once you know) for no fee. If you are late for your appointment, we will work on you for the rest of your scheduled appointment, or you can wait until our first schedule gap, and we will fit you I to our workday for no extra charge.

If you are going to miss your appointment, you can always give your appointment to somebody else. If they are a new patient, remember, they will need an initial consultation with Dr. Howell and Rebecca prior to receiving their treatment.