Do you miss food from the bakery? Maybe you can’t eat there anymore—you’re too fat, or you don’t eat sugar, or you need to be gluten-free–the point is the food from the bakery is what you crave, but can’t have!

Until now!

Announcing our new Dame Rebecca Bakery products!

Now you can have amazing chocolate and vanilla muffins that rival top bakeries but are healthy for you! Our foods have no gluten, no grain, bean, or nut flours, no weird chemicals, and are a rich source of protein and healthy fats.

Missing bread? We have loaf bread and sandwich buns that are filled with Suncoco oil, baking powder, eggs, and our own flour, Radatti’s Magic Flour, a healthy alternative to flour that has no fat, no protein, no carbohydrate, no gluten, no possible allergenicity, and abundant soluble fiber

Following a ketogenic diet? Radatti’s Magic Flour is nearly all soluble fiber—any carbohydrates in your food are bound into the Flour’s soluble fiber so you have very low or no net carbs!

We sweeten our desserts with SweetHart, our blend of erythritol and monk fruit. We feature SweetHart in all of our desserts, and plan to use it exclusively soon. (Sometimes our chocolate chips have sucrose (or Lilly’s chocolate chips with stevia) because we await the manufacture of our own SweetHart sweetened chocolate chips).

You can order today! We bake it for you after you place your order!