Gall Astic 60 Capsules


Gall Bladder/Bile Dispense

Gall-Astic helps the body store needed bile and promptly respond as needed when the food enters the digestive tract.

  • Numerous health and anti-inflammatory benefits especially for gallbladder pain
  • Contains alkaloids including berberine with significant antimicrobial properties particularly good for the gastrointestinal system
  • Unique antioxidant polyphenols that aid digestive issues
  • Can help to lower the risk of developing gallstones
  • Factors which support the production and release of the body's own natural bile flow needed for healthy digestion
  • Also supports the breaking down of fats and proteins after gallbladder laprascopic cholecystectomy

Caution according to the FDA: Gall-Astic will not dissolve gallstones, but it can help to reduce symptoms once formed and lower risk of developing

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