Micro Site 60 Capsules


Remove Circulatory Parasites

Micro-Site is a parasiticide composed of medicinal herbs and ingredients that help the body remove circulatory parasites (micro and cellular sized) and their toxic byproducts.


  • Treatment of microscopic protozoans, especially those that due to their size are able to migrate throughout the body
  • Designed to interrupt parasitic fertilization process
  • Natural immune stimulants
  • Alkaloids, triterpenes and polyphenols to support the elimination process
  • Ingredients that inhibit parasite self-fertilization
  • Cofactors that include berberine and chelidonic acids that effectively rid micro parasites found in organs of the body
  • Support for key organs that have a role in the body's own anti parasitic response
  • Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed
  • 14 day easy Return