Phung Ex 60 Capsules


Remove Spore Organism

Phung-Ex helps the body rid itself of harmful mold, yeast and fungus, and eliminates unfriendly microorganisms in the digestive tract.

  • Potent medicinal botanics that counter fungal infections
  • Natural anti-fungal solution that can inhibit certain enzymes of yeast in order to prevent spreading and growth
  • Active ingredients such as lapachol, juglone and naphthoquinones which have an effect on the cellular membranes of spore-producing organisms inhibiting the electron transport system of fungal infections
  • L-lysine enhances the anti-fungal effects of other co factors in treating Candida

Caution according to the FDA: Possible allergen warning, contains walnut hull

Combine with: Tox-Ex or Purmycotox to screen die-off

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