Probiotic Grainfields USA Grains & Greens Superfood 450g

Grains & Greens Powder

Manufactured in Australia, this non-GMO, no-sugar-added, natural probiotic food powder is an excellent source of amino acids and enzymes. All-natural organic ingredients make this powder easy to digest. Loaded with friendly bacteria, organic spirulina, and organic cereal grasses, Grains & Greens Powder makes a great meal replacement and a true Superfood

Digestive Tract Benefits Include:

• Mouth
• Esophigeal Tract
• Stomach
• Small Intestine
• Ascending Colon
• Transverse Colon
• Descending Colon • Sigmoid Colon

Why Do You Need It?

• Boosts Energy • Boosts Immunity • Improves Digestion • Reduces Stress • Complete Nutrition

How Does It Work?

Grainfields Australia is a true Living Food System made from organic ingredients. It contains the nutrients the body needs in a form that is 99.9% bio-available so no digestion is required. With 12 friendly bacteria, probiotic grains restore the health of your digestive tract. These good bacteria overpower the germs in your body.


Good Bacteria

Naturally rich in beneficial bacteria, Wholegrain Powder contains cereal grains which are the seeds of plants. Like all seeds, cereal grains contain all the nutrients the embryo plant needs to start growing. Unrefined cereals are valuable sources of proteins, carbohydrates, B vitamins and also contain some fat, iron, vitamin E and trace minerals. Cereal grains are also a great source of fiber.

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