Join our Church!

We are having a special membership event. It is only $50 for a one-year membership. Buy your membership HERE. We will send you a temporary password to your email address.

All of our membership services are found at CoDS.Land. We think this is a really cool internet address. Do you?

When you are a member, you can log in. Inside the member area, you can:

1) Make appointments, edit appointments, move appointments, even cancel appointments with Dr. Howell and Rebecca.
2) Buy private, non FDA approved products from a members only section in our store:
a) Parasite medications
b) Herbal products
c) Radionic nutraceuticals
3) Our media library
a) Articles
b) Videos
c) Podcasts
d) Therapy information
e) Government information
f) Citizenship information

We plan to have a lot of content. The site has the bandwidth to host 80 people watching video simultaneously. So the videos will need to be posted here instead of another video platform. Then nobody will be able to ban them, either.

There will be a bulletin board where you can post items and have communication with other members. There is the capability to have people host “channels” featuring their choice of videos or podcasts or even print articles.

All in all, a pretty good deal for $50 a year.

Buy your membership NOW. Click HERE.