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As a Church devoted to healing, it is very appropriate that we are deeply involved with Radionics In a very real sense, Radionics are the systematic methods used to capture, amplify, broadcast, and reproduce thought-forms. This can be used for good and for evil. Radionics technology has limitless potential for healing and to create powerful changes in our world. 

We are proud that our Church leads the world in the healing methods of Radionics. It is a role that we take very seriously. We are devoting a steady stream of our Church's very limited cash towards developing more radionics equipment and other high technology treatments. We believe in healing, and we put our own money towards it. If you would like to help us, besides buying equipment from us, you can give money to us. DONATE HERE.

One of the three ministers of CoDS is Peter Radatti. He has written the best-selling radionics textbooks (on Amazon). He has been an unacknowledged designer of radionic equipment until now. We are selling American hand-made,  Base-10 radionics equipment as designed and manufactured under the supervision of Dr. Peter Radatti.

Although we have many products under development, right now we are only offering two models of machines: a desk model featuring a wood case and a portable model built in a rugged black plastic case. Both machines have the strongest broadcasting power of any machines offered online. The quality of the boxes, electrical parts, and dials as well as the solid internal connections will give you years of faultless performance. And customer service, if needed, will be provided by us and the men who make the machines!

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What is Radionics?

If you have read nothing about radionics before, we hope that today we can provoke your interest. 

Radionic technology can be used for anything. Literally. These are devices which use the thought-forms created by you or others, that you can capture and amplify, and finally broadcast it (narrow-cast it, really) at or towards the target you select. 

When you study with us, we only show how to use the machines for healing therapies. Remember that there are people who will commit all sorts of crimes, and Radionics can be used for evil purposes, too. We know how to use Radionic treatments, rather like machine-amplified purified prayers to do many things: change your mental state, help rid you of heavy metals, determine what is poisoning you, kill insects attacking your lawn, convince ants to move out of your house. The limitations of the thought-forms are really determined by the limitations of the Radionics operator, not the equipment that we make. With practice, you can use Radionics to change the world. The reality is that the world, as you know it, has been crafted by Radionics experts whom you will never know. The past twenty years has seen a huge influx in the influence of Radionics on us. 

The idea we want you to understand is that your world, right now, is under significant Radionic influence. 

Describe to us how millions of people have been manipulated into a state of high compliance, wearing masks when alone that were only claimed to help in crowded conditions? If your answer includes Radionics, then you can explain it easily. Doubt us? Years ago, we would have agreed with you. But just before the 2008 U.S. presidential election, Obama’s followers were declaring him the greatest president in history–BEFORE he was even elected. How was this irrational idea planted in all of these people? Dr. Howell detected Radionics being used for coercive goals! Now it is so widely used and obvious that, with identification practice, you can feel the influence of Radionics as you walk through malls and airports. You are being manipulated with subliminal video and audio infused with Radionics to desire certain items, classes of foods, and specific behaviors, all of this being done to gain control of our minds and our souls.

At our Church, we want you to learn Radionics so that you can help yourself and then help us to heal the world. 

To do this, we became the exclusive retailer for wonderfully made Radionics equipment and we also give classes on how to use the Radionics, especially the equipment that we sell.

Become part of the radical healers who are saving the planet! Take a chance. Be controversial. 

Radionics has never been understood by the mainstream. The logic and thinking patterns of Radionics are not direct and straight-forward. 

Radionics is a technological method that allows us to describe active thought-ideas of reality changes with equipment that features “rates” created with numbers and non-electrical wiring compiled together in a way that the rate can be amplified, broadcast, conducted through wires, focused in lenses, and split by prisms. Radionics works with the “eloptic energy” that comprises matter. These methods were first released to the world in 1924 by a clever neurologist from Stanford University, Professor Albert Abrams. He died mysteriously two years later. His work was taken up and popularized by chiropractor Ruth Drown of New Jersey. She was jailed and died in prison. Dr. T. Galen Hieronymus, an electrical engineer, developed his Radionic Eloptic Analyzer, which was patented in 1942. Dr. Howell was his last student in 1986.

In the 1970s, Peter Kelley began copying the Hieronymus machines. His company, KRT, became the world’s dominant manufacturer. His son, Ed, has continued manufacturing equipment until recently, utilizing the talents of Tadionics author and designer, Dr. Peter Radatti. Reverend Rebecca, a friend of Peter’s for 30 years, brought Dr. Howell and him together.

The world’s best-selling author in Radionics and the world’s top Radionics equipment designer is our own Minister, Peter Radatti! He has been the un-credited designer for Radionics projects for KRT and others for years. 

What can you do with Radionics?

The better question to ask, instead, is: What is the limit to your imagination?

Radionics machines are a technology to describe thought-forms with numbers and electric dials. With radionics machines, after creating the rates to describe the thought-form, you select targets (such as people, living things, or places) and project your thought-form (with Radionic machines serving as amplifiers) at your selected target. The art of Radionics is to select  Radionic rates (thought-forms) that resonate/vibrate/are simpatico with your target, and then the target changes with the addition of the new therapeutic energy.

These energetic changes will work only if the “vibration” of the Radionic machine therapy rate is able to energize the target chosen. And the changes can be almost anything you can imagine. It is your mental energy, crafted as a thought-form, that you and the machine amplify and project at the target you have set up with your machine. It is prayer amplified by a machine!

This was such an immediately effective technology that Dr. Abrams and then Dr. Drown both ended up dead so quickly. There are bad people using this equipment out there, and it is our responsibility to combat evil. We need Radionics to fight back against our oppressors. Guns, knives, etc. are not enough! They are not the right level of solution. 

An interesting factoid: Dr. Howell was the last student to study with a then-ninety-one year old Dr. T. Galen Hieronymus in 1986. Now Dr. Howell is a Minister with the top Radionics author and designer!

Radionics machines can be used to analyze and to treat. There are two kinds of machines, Hieronymus Eloptic analyzers and Base 10 machines. Radatti Radionics is currently manufacturing only Base 10 machines. 

Our Radionics machines create rates made from multiple banks of dials. Rates can be saved on special plastics, special waters, and stone crystals. The mass of the material determines how much Radionic thought-form energy the substance can hold. 

This means that you can buy plastic cards and save complex rates that you create on them. You can also buy rate cards from others that you can use to broadcast with your machine. You will be able to treat water, food, beverages, or broadcast directly from your machine to your living targets. You can also broadcast protection to your land or kill insects damaging your garden. 

You just need the rate and a target. When you have a target that you wish to treat with your Radionic code (thought-form), then you place it in the input well of your machine. Then you put your target’s link (a picture, hair sample, blood sample, etc.) in the output well and turn your machine on. 

The more power your machine has, the more power your Radionic rates will have to push on your target. The quality of the “push” is the skill that the Radinics operator has in matching the rate to the situation. 

Our table top and travel model machines are the strongest Radionics devices on the market. 

Can you make anything besides rates with your Radatti Radionic machine? No, but there are many ways to use rates.

There are thousands of people creating Radionic rates in the world. Many of those rates can be copied from machine to machine very simply. More complex rates, involving the use of multiple banks of dials of radionic machines, are routinely created, and they can be copied onto plastic, crystal, or water. These complex rates are very difficult to describe to another in a listing description because of the many dial settings. Additionally, the best creations of the real masters of Radionics are a great accomplishment. It is difficult work, and their successes are proof of their rates' worth. That is also why our best formulas are all encrypted (locked) rates. They cannot be copied. We pay royalties to the formula’s creators. You either get water or jewelry encrypted with these rates, or you will have to buy a rate card, if we can sell them at all. Of course, the Radionic cards that you find elsewhere will all work with your machine, too. A descriptive title is no guarantee of success with medicines, and it is true of Radionic rates, too.

Our best rates, such as the Vaxxinator rates, are copyrighted and encrypted (locked). Do not make your own copy–the copied rates won’t copy accurately when they are encrypted.

However, you can still do and create many amazing things, yourself,  with a Radatti Radionic machine. There are many free, published radionic rates for treatment of many conditions. These charts can be 80 years old! There are thousands of rates to try for hundreds of situations. Just because they are old doesn[t mean that they don’t work! But experience through lots of Radionics practice is the key.

Dr. Howell reports experiences with Radionics:
He witnessed Radionic treatment of land contaminated with lead from paint manufacturing. The paint site was detoxified with only Radionics, using an aerial photograph to connect the land to the Radionic machine, 
Dr. Howell was famous for his use of Radionic diagnostics in his family practice fin the 1980s and early 1990s to identify chemical toxins and sensitivities in his patients. The Radionics diagnostics still go beyond the sensitivity and accuracy of current technology.
The Church of Divine Structure (CoDS) is selling baked goods featuring Fiber Flour, developed by our own Reverend Peter Radatti. It is over 90% microcrystalline cellulose, a flavorless pile of soft fiber until Dr. Pete treats the fiber with Radionic codes. Voila! Fiber Flour is created, and, with the help of Reverend Rebecca’s baking acumen, our amazing, no carbohydrate, non-GMO, gluten-free, high fiber baked goods are ready for you to eat and enjoy!

All through Radionic technology. And you can buy the equipment from us, and we will assist you in getting trained, too. We will be putting on classes on how to use the Peter Radatti Radionics machines and they will be hosted by the man himself, Reverend Dr. Peter Radatti.

Your amazing journey has just begun.