The healing services of the Church Of Divine Structure are delivered all over the world by our sanctified ministers and deacons. The main two healers, Dr. Howell and Rev Rebecca, come back for rest and recovery to the CoDS’ headquarters in the Okanogan highlands in north-central Washington. 

Howell Canyon Estate, started in 1998, is an intentional community. We plan to survive any coming cataclysms by living independently on our wilderness land. We know that there are many prophecies and predictions which tell of events such as political strife, Armageddon, wars,  earthquakes, and storms. We have no idea which of these may be right or wrong. With so many such predictions, is it stupid to be prepared? We don't think so!

We are following our plans to survive most of these possible calamities. We are most concerned with food, water, and power. Since most of us are raised in cities and towns, few of us know enough about providing these reliably without Grid-support—we’re just not ready for life off the grid, outside the US corporation. 

Dr. Howell has been forced to learn about this for the past twenty-five years because he was building his oversize home off the grid. He has been swindled and bamboozled, made bad decisions, had others make mistakes for him—all towards his eventual education. 

Now he knows a lot more about setting up life off the grid in the country. And the crisis times feel a lot closer. 

What happens if we can’t get food, medicines, or fuels from the city? We need a moderate-sized complex off the grid that has its own water, power, food, and medicines without outside help. That’s what we’re planning to do!

There is a lot of work already done on this project:

We already have a great property of 200 acres in north central Washington only 20 miles from Canada. This is not a highly prized location. It is not famous for good weather or easy living. It is located very remotely, being 10 miles outside a small town. 

If you drive here, starting with a full tank of gas, once you get here you won’t have enough gas to get back home without more fuel. This is a good thing, because it discourages people from coming to our remote highlands to explore. What we think is that everybody wants to live in paradise, so we want a place that isn’t quite so desirable, a place with some problems…and our place has weather and location remoteness as an advantage/disadvantage.

We have learned a lot about power and utilities off the gri, and our current power systems are just being rebuilt and are in excellent shape. We have normal style power in our houses with a system of storage batteries connected to inverters, solar panels, batteries, and even a windmill. 

We are very concerned about food stores, so we have stored some food on hand and currently have a milk cow, a steer, and a young bull in addition to some chickens and rabbits. This needs to be expanded so that each dweller in the community can have a half-pound of meat, some eggs, some butter and cheeses, etc. every day. 

The community must have methods of support beyond having a ranch/farm. Our answer to that is multifactorial:

Dr. Howell and Rebecca are healers who wish to have a healing center on the property, and all of their healing income is given to the Church and its projects. 

CoDS needs help with more new worker-members to help with 

  1. marketing of a new line of ketogenic bakery foods, and 
  2. with CoDS’ new online store to sell these foods, radionics equipment, the Vaxxinator cures of vaccine side effects, and an entire array of health items, many never seen by most people. 
  3. We need conscious people that we don’t yet have in our community for a variety of jobs.
    1. We need healers, 
    2. farmers, 
    3. ranchers, 
    4. administrators, 
    5. bakers, 
    6. chefs, 
    7. a mechanic, 
    8. an electrician, 
    9. a plumber, 
    10. a machinist, 
    11. builders, construction/logging/lumber/road building

—obviously, we aren’t building a town of a thousand, so we need conscious people with multiple talents. Do we expect perfection? Of course not, but we hope for the best fit, finding people to integrate into our community. . 

Please DONATE money to our projects!

We do not have enough of what we need to survive. We need a lot more than just the right people.:

  1. We only have 200 acres, and we would like an additional 200 acres or even more.
  2. We need better wells, in 2 or 3 locations that produce more water than the people and animals require. It is an area where irrigation is rare but very valuable. 
  3. We need a dairy barn, a poultry house, a hay barn, a cheese and butter building..
  4. We need a healing center with an array of unusual and expensive equipment. This could be combined with a resort of sorts where the clientele could stay while they heal. 
  5. We need a  equipment garage for the heavy equipment that we don’t yet have,
  6.  We need a backhoe with at least a 12 foot arm that can also be a rock picker.
  7. We need an excavator.
  8. We need a loader.
  9. We need a bulldozer
  10. We need a portable sawmill.
  11. We need a skidder to drag logs to the sawmill.
  12. We need a flatbed trailer to haul equipment.
  13. We need a trailer to haul logs.
  14. We need electric ranch and farm vehicles.
  15. We need a big dump truck. 
  16. We need full diesel tanks.
  17. We need more water storage tanks.
  18. We need more Grander devices for the property. 


This article is our way of reaching out to find our community, the community that is in the process of forming. As you can guess from what we wrote so far, we can certainly use a few million dollars to buy a lot of the stuff listed above. But the emphasis of this search is to find the right blend of people/personalities to survive all of the calamities that might be occurring soon.

How did this place come about? Dr. Howell and his long deceased wife, Trisha, bought the property in 1998, fearing the world was being destroyed by Y2K. They made a lot of mistakes, and then Trisha contracted metastatic breast cancer and it was treated wrongly. She died in 2012, and the project was inactive for years before and after. 

Dr. Howell, now a widower, started working with Rebecca in 2014, and gradually they became friends. Since 2018, they have been constant companions, traveling together 24 hours a day. They redesigned the paperwork for the not-for-profit private membership association into a registered Orthodox Catholic Church priory, and they became sanctified healers as Orthodox Catholics, as Christian Science healers, and licensed ministers. 

Rebecca shared her bad dreams of the future with Dr. Dean, who spoke of his old plans to make a community off-grid to survive the coming storms and crises at Howell Canyon. She became enthused and joined with Dr. Howell in their support of the Howell Canyon Estate Project. 

They realized that the Bible and many prophets have all been describing our current times, the events that are happening RIGHT NOW.

The way the Bible states it is that Armageddon is imminent. 

Our world, as we know it, is ending.

Most of the religions of the world have stories of the impending end of the world. Sometimes it is called Armageddon, and a world of earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanoes, and melting polar ice is described in the Bible and other books and many psychics and seers. Scientists talk of an impending earth magnetic crisis where the north and south magnetic earth poles reverse. They say this happens every 50,000 years. 

Nostradamus, a Jewish mystic of the 1400s, predicted that the major country of Earth would divide into two countries in the 2020s. Edgar Cayce said that the United States would become two countries that would share the same land, and, after the earthquakes and floods caused by the reversal of the Earth’s magnetic poles, the oceans will be 700 feet deeper than they are today. 

Meanwhile, the crazies working for the deep, demonic, corporate State continue to destroy mankind with graphene injections and breaking the social networks of humanity. Additionally, the latest legal ploy is amazing in its boldness: The oligarchy has convinced billions of people to accept experimental gene therapy. 

When the new, patented DNA is found in a treatment subject, all human rights are lost, clotting activity in the body is dangerously high, and the DNA patent holder owns the body. People do not realize that ownership of humanity has been planned. Thousands of acres of corn and soybean farmlands have been purchased by the Gates Foundation to grow the ingredients for Impossible Burgers and Beyond Burgers. These synthesized foods are planned to feed to the employees (slaves) that will be living in work camps (high-rise dormitories) once their biopsies show their owned DNA. 

It should be obvious that we Church members are afraid of mainstream life in the cities. We don’t trust the EMFs. We don’t trust the water. We don’t trust the food. We don’t trust the media. We don’t trust the corporate governments. We don’t trust the big corporations. We don’t trust Big Pharma, the CDC, the UN, or the WHO.

What do we believe in?

We believe in God and the truth of our internal feelings about the wrongness of the modern world. We know that we must create the community that we are forming to help the next world survive the coming crisis!

Do you feel it, too? Then find your way to us and get treatment with us–let’s see if we blend right. We’ll figure things out from there…