NeuroCranial Restructuring and Howelling

Our most famous therapy is NeuroCranial Restructuring (NCR). When a young Dr. Howell asked, “How do symmetrically-applied cranial therapies correct cranial asymmetries?” The answer grew into the NCR technique, which serially releases cranial connective-tissue imbalances.

This means that the NCR treatments have results that accumulate. Your improvements are made at a speed that your body can retain. Forty years ago, Dr. Howell discovered that the spinal manipulation and cranial manipulation techniques that he had been taught did not work as advertised. Treatments were designed to give relief, and long-term correction waas often not possible. After much thought and experimentation, he developed NeuroCranial Restructuring (NCR) in 995. Its unifying concept is that asymmetry of the musculoskeletal system leads to stability patterns that cause malfunctioning and pain, and will not go away with routine treatments. Instead, the asymmetry must be treated in a manner that the gravitational stability of the body is improved. Only then can the benefits of treatment be retained.

Dr. Howell stresses that asymmetrical skeletal patterns cannot be treated by symmetrical therapies. At the end of the treatment, he teaches, the gravitational stability of the patient must be significantly better than before treatment, or the old “before” pattern will return. The nervous system must be much more stable and symmetrically housed (by the skeleton) or the system reverts.

Perhaps you have had physical medicine treatments such as massage and manipulations fail to have lasting results? That’s what we are talking about! At the end of each day’s treatment, whatever the treatment, you must be more symmetrical and gravitationally stable. Only then will you retain the treatment benefits.Regardless of the sense of euphoria, the freedom of movement, release of pain–the position, the posture, the stance, the “any way you want to measure it”–stability is the kingpin. It always wins out. NCR addresses this. Do the other therapies you utilize address this problem? If not, then it is time to change!

The key, then, is to optimize symmetry and stability simultaneously. NeuroCranial Restructuring is Dr. Howell’s answer for this.

NCR is best performed for adults in sequences of four-day treatment series. We can schedule shorter treatment series, even for one day, but the results cannot accumulate when performed as single treatments. And the results are not as reliable. NCR Treatments last 30-minutes for adolescents and adults, 20 minutes for children, and 10 -minutes for babies and toddlers.

NCR is a primary treatment modality for sinusitis, some kinds of headaches, breathing disorders, and eye disorders. Of course, Dr. Howell and Rebecca will treat more than that in a 30-minute session: Dr. Howell did not offer sessions over 30 minutes during his first 30 years of practice! People will report great improvements in head, neck, jaw, and back pain from NCR. Even some milder cases of sciatica and nerve impingements will often be improved with NCR.

But he discovered (and Rebecca already knew) that sometimes people don’t get long-term relief from NCR because their body problems are more extensive, especially when there is scar tissue and soft-tissue adhesions that have become significant contributors to the musculoskeletal problems and pain.

Then Dr. Howell and Rebecca recommend longer treatments where they focus on melting and releasing scar tissue and adhesions in addition to the NCR methods they have always utilized.

They call this method “Howelling.” For this, we extend the treatment sessions from 60 to 240 minutes. We have great testimonials that you can talk with others who have undergone this. Their stories of surgical rebuilding and auto accidents are harrowing. It is so wonderful that they can share their success stories with you!

Dr. Howell and Rebecca see people in many locations! We are currently seeing patients in

1) Addison, Texas (DALLAS)
2) Bellevue, Washington (SEATTLE)
3) Brooklyn, New York (NEW YORK CITY)
4) Conshohocken, Pennsylvania (PHILADELPHIA)
5) Costa Mesa, California (ORANGE COUNTY)
6) Lake Como, New Jersey (JERSEY SHORE)
7) Tonasket, Washington (HOME)
8) West Los Angeles (WEST LA)

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