Psychic Intuitive Guidance for Nutrition and Healing

An essential part of our services is something that we can;t quantify–how do we place money values on healing? When we work with our hands on your body, we must look inside ourselves to link to God’s healing forces. For us, it can be both a physically painful yet uplifting experience. For you, it will be our gift to you when it occurs during the course of our treatments. 

So for the time that Dr Howell and Rev Rebecca spend with you, they get $600 an hour. This includes point-holding techniques like Body Electronics and TKM, as well as the NCR and Howelling methods. Rev Rebecca’s techniques have saved lives, but they are very subtle, requiring no pressure or hand strength. They are often painful, though. 

There are other skills they have that are more difficult to place financial costs. Both of them, especially Rev. Rebecca, also hear internal psychic/intuitive guidance regarding your physical state. 

Rebecca has done this with great skill and results for many years. She used to have a health food store in Brooklyn, and her loyal customers became used to her unique ways of making up their therapy protocols. They came to her and she told them what was wrong, what to buy, and what to do. And it worked. She was well-known for that in Brooklyn.

Now you can have an online health food store with products that work and a psychic minister to advise you of your diagnosis, prescriptions, and how to use them. 

Rev Rebecca’s work is pretty amazing. 

Is it free?

Well….almost. Give us $300. Once. That’s it. Rev Rebecca shares this information with you–forever–if you keep having us ship you the perfect (often customized) healing agent. 
Our prices are competitive, too. And some of our stuff you would not be able to find anywhere. We think it’s the best deal on the planet!

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