Here are a few of the many varied and unique products that we have found for all. CoDS.Land members see more products! Our service is provided by The Essence of Life, started by Rev Rebecca in Brooklyn over 30 years ago.


When people think of getting healthy, they think that they need treatments. This is the commerce-based concept that we have all accepted. Why?

How can you be healed by therapists who will only treat you? Rev Dr Howell and Rev Rebecca decided to be healers instead. Dr Howell closed his practice years ago and became Rev Dr Howell instead. Health centers and clinics can be organized outside the US governmental system by being formed within Churches. This is both legal and lawful.

The Church of Divine Structure is a worldwide healing community with its headquarters in Okanogan County, Washington. We are affiliated with the Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church. The Catholic Church meant the universal church, the church of the whole world. The Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church was originally founded in Rome by Saint Peter. Emperor Constantine decided that the Roman churchmen were too corrupt to be true Christians, so he moved the Catholic Church to Constantinople. Later the Church was moved to Brazil, where it is located today. Another “Catholic” church was started in Rome in the 400s AD, and that is the Roman Catholic Church organization of today, the corrupt organization that it still is.

The Knights of St. John was founded in 1653 to serve as the healers and hospitallers for the Knights of Malta. The Church of Hope is only healing order that still remains in the Knights of St. John. The Church of Divine Structure is Priory No. 175 of the Church of Hope.

Ecclesiastically, all of our ministers are members of the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights and Dames of Hope. We are led by our visionaries, Reverend Doctor Dean Howell and Reverend Rebecca Hart Malter.

Our Staff Roster:

Reverend Dr Dean Howell became a naturopathic physician in 1982 because he was determined to treat the causes of people’s ailments. But, he discovered, almost all medical AND naturopathic medical care was designed to bring the medical consumer relief of symptoms. The naturopathic solutions were slower and usually more effective than the others available—but they were often not cures, either. Dr. Howell worked for ten years at his naturopathic family practice before he realized the folly of his commercial naturopathic practice. Commerce and healing could not co-exist, he decided. He closed his large family practice clinic in Everett, WA and slowly began a healing practice, developing NeuroCranial Restructuring, a bio-mechanical, accumulative manipulation technique in the 1990s. He continued to develop and improve his hands-on healing techniques and has continued exploring healing methods that are out-of-the-ordinary. Knowing that he had been targeted and had his license revoked for administering vitamin B-12, Dr Howell set up his healing business outside of the commerce system where medical licensing boards controlled everything. that he might become legally targeted, he changed his healing practice into a He set up NCR-01, a not-for-profit, private membership association in 2001. More recently, Dr. Howell’s spiritual, healing path made him realize the depth of his faith, a became religious again. Part of that was joining with other healers, and he and Rev Rebecca found an international healing organization to join. They became ordained as Eastern Orthodox Catholic ministers. NCR-01 became the Church of Divine Structure, Priory No. 175 of the Church of Hope. As members of the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope, their healing credentials are accepted by the United Nations so that they are accepted as healers

anywhere they choose to go.

Reverend Rebecca Hart Malter was born and raised in Brooklyn. She always had these odd “talents” that made her thought of as weird. In college, her talents were more appreciated, and she was recruited as a psychic by the UN and US government. After they tested her skills, she began working with them in unpleasant situations—crime scenes, accidents, meetings in odd places surrounded by exotic technology. This became overwhelming, and she turned to healing in the 1990s. She showed exceptional aptitude in energy healing techniques, so she developed her Brooklyn-based practice on massage with energy treatments. She did this for years, until she met Dr. Howell in 2013. When they began working together, they discovered that their hands-on methods blended beautifully, and their work progressed and improved. While Rev Dr Howell focused on the development of Howelling, Rev Rebecca focused on the development of the recipes for Dame Rebecca’s Bakery where she utilized her professional baking background to create amazingly delicious bakery products with the Magic Flour developed by Rev Peter Radatti.

Minister of Healing Technologies Peter Radatti



Deacon Juan Abi

Deacon Alan Malter is our Notary Public. Before he retired, he was head of shipping for The Essence Of Life following his career as a bank auditor..

Deacon Zak Moscolo

Deacon Jennifer Moscolo

Deacon Diane Gray

Deacon Giona Corso-Winks

MISSION of Church of Divine Structure

The Church of Divine Structure is dedicated to healing and survival. We believe in the importance and sanctity of true healing. It is the fundamental outreach of our organization. We develop and maintain healing services to address the needs of mankind. These are the talents, motivations, and intentions of our group: we want to help all achieve spiritual ascendance with our healing help. Commerce is not the aim of humanity, and it is not an objective of our Church. In order to be of service, we need our community to be self-sustaining, a self-sustaining community of interdependent men and women who will focus to develop and deliver our healing services as a designed healing-outreach community. We are meant to be healers! We like to heal. In order to be healthy, we must all live in harmony. This is not a simple concept. The lifestyle that our land and homes provides for us must be highly conceived: our bodies will live indefinitely long when we stop all harmful life-habit practices. Our land must be developed to raise the animals who will provide our food.

We seek men and women who seek true healing for themselves and others while living in a self-sustaining community. We need people with many skills. Everyone must contribute. Ours cannot be a

contemplative community with hired help! Instead we will seek to find the proper balance of work and free time—everything in harmony.

The animals and foods that we plan to raise are those that can be eaten safely by humans. (Many of our current dietary practices do not foster human health.) We want to develop an ongoing lifestyle to show humanity which lifestyle/habits lead to sustained longevity. We have found that this will be, at least minimally for our community, to include following ketogenic non-vegan diets, eating our alternative non-flour baked goods and pasta substitutes, utilizing traditional animal husbandry ranching and farming, and following of our methods of treatment of removal of parasites, yeast, and fungus in the body and our physical methods of hands-on healing.



At Church of Divine Structure, we believe in true healing. Our founders, Rev Dr Dean Howell and Rev Rebecca Hart Malter, found that true healing does not usually occur in medical treatments. Dr Dean has practiced medicine since 1982. Following modern nutritional protocols based on laboratory tests has not made people healthier. Dr Dean wanted himself and his was not happening when people had hair and/or biochemical testing and followed recommended programs of pills and medicinal liquids.

Dr Dean used to follow these supplement programs, but he didn’t eat right. He blew up to over 400 pounds—yet he had normal cholesterol, normal liver function, normal kidney function, normal blood pressure, no anemias, no heavy metal poisoning, no parasites or Candida problems (based on stool, blood, and saliva testing). He tried to eat somewhat ketogenic—

stopped eating breads and potatoes—and developed a problem with sleep-walking. He woke up at 3AM eating dinner left-overs in the refrigerator. He had walked through a dark house to eat! Dr Dean realized that somebody else was operating his body—the parasites living in his body that shared his nervous system with him. It gave him creepy chills.

Dr Dean began researching how to kill the parasites and normalize his body. He met, befriended,

Instead, Dr Dean and Rev Rebecca have found, instead, that true healing only occurs when the body tissues have their local infections and poisonings entirely corrected—in a very small area. In bodywork, Dr Dean developed TtT (Transformation through Transmogrification), a bodywork technique where the tendons, ligaments, and periosteum are remade a millimeter at a time. Rev Rebecca discovered that parasites (we are all filled with them) can be eterminated best when multiple medications are combined together in increasing dosages to finally kill the parasites whom control our bodies and existence. Her prescriptions of multiple anti-arasitic agents can kill off the primary controlling parasites, freeing our minds from the pervasive control of the parasites who control our world.

Church of Divine Structure (CoDS) teaches our members to follow traditional human dietary principles—we eat the same diets our ancestors ate—the same diet that was followed in the Old Testament of the Bible—a ketogenic diet. In the earliest days, humans did not live in one place and farm. For uncounted centuries, men and women lived in familial, tribal -type family organizations, moving about with the seasons with their animals and eating foods with the seasons. They saved dried and preserved foods to survive the winter. But they did not farm, so they did not eat many fruits, vegetables, and/or grains in their regular diet. Carbohydrate foods were eaten infrequently, and we developed a blood system of secreting insulin to protect us from the dangerous glucose, in the rare situation of eating significant glucose foods—perhaps a seasonal festival or party, for instance. In modern times we eat carbohydrates many times a day instead of a few times a year, and we suffer many diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes—which are all food-caused illnesses.


This means that most human diets make us sick. The continuous ingestion of carbohydrates is not in our design. We began farming and consuming many carbohydrates—and we began dying of chronic diseases that we had previously never seen.

To heal anybody, then, we need to eat the way of our ancestors—ketogenic. We eat animal products, almost exclusively.

As healers, then we recommend ketogenic diets, and we perform technological and hands-on healing as well: Rev Dr Dean has developed NCR and Howelling, and he combines his work with Rev Rebecca’s hands-on energy healing techniques. Our Church also espouses radionic and prayer healing techniques. These technologies can be used in broadcast modes, infused into jewelry or waters to be consumed, and are used to treat nearly any condition you or we can

imagine! If you keep up with our newsletters and look at our STORE, you will find the jewelry and prayer waters that are currently available. There will be much more information available on the private side of the store, available only for members REGISTER.

We have many goals for our Church community. There are online goals:

Our goal is to create a living community of Church members to foster true healing.

We find that true healing cannot occur with simple medicines. Instead, Dr. Howell and Dame Rebecca multifactorial approach must be taken to create a path to follow to true healing.

Our founders, through the misery of watching their patients die, have tried many methods, and almost all of them failed. Health on Earth is generally deplorable! They have discovered, though, that with the correct combination of body structural work, detoxification, parasite, yeast, and fungus protocols, radionics, Grander technology, lifestyle modification, home improvements, and generally saner living, that it is possible to heal!

But, because of the highly controlled Internet and social media, we are unable to openly talk about these health and healing issues on the “free” internet. We have already been banned from Facebook once for posting a video where the word “healed” was used (to describe Dr. Howell’s treatment results). Did you know that “heal” is an inappropriate, four-letter word to management at Facebook? To say “heal” there is the same to them as cursing with words such as fuck or shit (or worse) to us. But those swear words are all okay on Facebook! Other times our postings on YouTube and social media have simply disappeared!

Frustrated with the informational political and technology scene, we gave up trying to work within that system. We decided that Church of Divine Structure should create a paid members’ site with extensive articles, (an ever increasing) video library, semi-monthly newsletter, access to private label supplements outside the FDA system (legitimized by being for members only), and a member bulletin board.

Website members will also have access to the treatment schedule for Dr. Howell and Dame Rebecca, so appointments can be made without needing interaction with the front office.

We call this new, safe digital space by its Internet address: CoDS.Land.

Click here to enter cods.land!

About Us

Our Founders are Dr. Dean Howell and his partner, Rebecca Hart Malter. They are joined by associate ministers, Knight Peter Radatti and Deaconess Juan Abi.



In short, we are organized as a church to foster the healing plans and aspirations that Dr. Howell and Rebecca share. They knew that their enterprise would have to be more than a commercial business, not just a clinic selling medical treatments. They realize that what is really needed is an entire community to help heal others. At first, there were just a few people who captured their zeal. But over the years, a core group of men and women, led by Dr Howell and Rebecca, has coalesced. The Church of Divine Structure is the result.


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Dame Rebecca’s Bakery


Our staff has unique abilities, and these talents give us some valuable viewpoints to orient your life path.

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